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Flash Fiction <300 words - "Fool me once, shame on you..."
Eight year-old Paulie made it a point to go out of his was to annoy his twin sister Pauline. He excelled at devising elaborate pranks, and springing them on her, then laughing his annoying "Hyuk, hyuk" laugh. She felt sure that she hated that laugh worse than the pranks.

Now, as she lay in bed, waiting for sleep to overtake her, she thought about the evil way he had found to torment her today: Paulie had discovered nylon fishing line. Today, after school, Pauline and her friend Kelly were in Pauline's room, watching videos on Kelly's new I-phone, when she thought she heard something. "What was that?" she asked Kelly.

"What was what?" her friend had replied.

"Over there" she said, pointing toward the white dresser by the wall.

As both girls looked, a small black mouse ran out from behind the dresser, and across the room. They both screamed, and scrambled up onto the bed. As they watched, the mouse ran toward the door and then came to a sudden stop as it tried to go under the door. Both girls screamed again. The door burst open and Pauline's mother rushed in, but not before Pauline heard that stupid laugh. When her mother had seen the nylon line attached to the mouse, she had scolded Paulie, but Pauline knew he was still proud of his prank.

Now as she was almost asleep, she heard her closet door creak open. Initially startled, she caught herself. "You can't fool me," she called. "I know that's you and your stupid string!"

She rolled on her side and faced the wall. "Now get out of here, Paulie, before I get Mom".

She never even saw the creature, as it slid out of her closet.

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