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by brom21
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A lawyer has a test of faith.
999 words

The six foot tall man wearing an Armani suit was alerted as he saw a man drop his wallet on the ground of a bustling sidewalk. The tall man dashed for it and picked it up. He tried to keep an eye on the wallet owner among the other pedestrians as he ran after him. Just as he was about to lose sight of the man, the person stopped at a cross walk.

He tapped the shoulder of the owner. 

“You dropped your wallet sir.”

The man turned around startled with his eyes widened as he examined the Good Samaritan

“Wha…? Oh, my…I…thank you! You’re a very honest man,” he said as he received the wallet.

“No problem. By the way, my name is Ernie Earnest. Oh, and this is for you too.” Ernie pulled out a small booklet with “Jesus loves you” printed on the front.  God bless you sir. And be more careful next time.”

“Thanks I will! Goodbye.”

Ernie turned around with his face glowing with happiness and continued his way to work at Earnest and Earnest law firm. He reached the office building and entered through the automatic sliding door and was immediately greeted by the female desk clerk.

“Good morning Mr. Earnest,” she said with a quick smile and a nod.

“Hello Tracy, fine day isn’t it?”

“It sure is; perfect park weather for certain.”

“Tracy, is my 9am consultation here yet?”

“No, Mr. Jurand said he was caught in traffic and he would be a little late,” she answered.

“Very well, I’ll wait. I don’t want to keep the other appointments held up too long though. “I’ll be in my office.”

Ernie withdrew his kindle from his desk and brought up his Bible page. He was reading about the commandment to give when someone asks without asking for anything in return. He read on for about thirty minutes until there was a knock at the door.

“He’s here Mr. Earnest,” Tracy said.

“Good send him in.”

The man who came in was dressed in a cheap polyester suit with small but noticeable holes and slicked back black hair. He gave a forced smile and extended his hand which Ernie shook. The man’s palms were sweaty and cold.

“Hello Mr. Jurand.”

“Please, call me John.”

“Okay. What is the reason you are here today John?”

Then John folded his hands together and looked down. He slowly met Ernie’s eyes. John began to tear up. “I’ll be honest with you sir,” he said sobbing. “I can’t afford a lawyer and the government is going to take my house and belongings away for back taxes I cannot pay. The lawyer assigned to me has not won a single case.  I talked to the social worker and things are not looking good. I’ve heard you’re a kind honest soul. Is there any way you can help me?” John’s desperation showed in his doughy eyes.

Ernie got out of his chair and paced behind his desk. “If I could I would not hesitate to be your lawyer but my father owns the practice and I am prohibited from free advocating or paying client expenses.”

”You mean you can’t do anything?”

Just as Ernie was about to speak, what he had read in the bible came vividly to mind. He was silent for a while before he spoke. “I believe God has specifically brought you to me. And what He has begun I know he’ll finish. I will talk to my father.”

John was elated and he jumped up and thanked him. “You don’t know happy this makes me!”

With that, he spun around and left. After the meeting John Jurand, Ernie went straight to his father’s house. When he had arrived He knocked on the silver knocker and his father, Gerald Earnest answered the door.

“Son, what brings you here?”

Ernie spent no time on pleasantries and went right to the matter. “Dad we need to talk. It’s regarding the no free service rule.”

Gerald’s face changed with lividness. “I see. Why the sudden concern?”

“There is a desperate man needing competent representation and he cannot afford a decent lawyer.”

Gerald took deep breath. “I respect your beliefs and I am proud to have a son with such integrity. I believe the Bible too. But if we do this with one client, others could sue us for discrimination if we reject them.”

“Dad I believe that nothing bad will happen if we aid this person.”

“I admire your faith but it is just too risky.”

“Will you at least sleep on it dad?”

“I don’t see how a night’s sleep will change the facts but okay.”

“Alright, I’ll see you in the morning.”

That night, Ernie said a special prayer. “Dear God please soften my dad’s heart and allow this to take place. Show him that nothing bad will come of it and that it is the best choice and that you will keep anything disastrous from happening to the firm. Amen”

The next morning Ernie got a call at 6am. “Hello?” he said.

“Son it’s me! You would not believe what happened last night!”

“What?” Ernie said sleepily. “Calm down, its 6am in the morning. What happened?”

“I was visited by an angel in a dream!”

Ernie was instantly aroused. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, it was very real, too real. I remember it clearly.”

“What happened?”

“I was in a place filled with clouds and a shining being with wings came to me. He told me I was to pay all of John Jurand’s back taxes.”

“You know his name? I never told you?” said Ernie with an open jaw.

“The angel told me.” Gerald said. “I guess it was meant to be.” 

“I can’t wait to tell John!”

When midday came, Ernie called John and told him the news.

“Oh thank you?” said John.

“You have someone entirely different to thank John.” Ernie did not tell John about the dream. It would remain a secret forever.

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