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Just talking about symbols and how astrology is incorporated into symbolism in the world.

Today I have come to the realization that to discover what life is really about you need to look at the meaning of the symbols not the meaning of the words or what is being said. There is truth in "a picture is worth a thousand words!" The motifs of ancient cultures, of our culture, of foreign cultures. The world is one big mythology interwoven with daily life. We are our own story! The stars or astrology were here before astronomy. Before we had television or books we told our stories in the stars. The stars are the great big dot-to-dot puzzle in the sky. Psychology is studying how we behave when certain symbols influence us to do certain things. Educate yourselves and look about the whole universe. The stars affect our behavior. "As above, so below." The stars are in our media, our advertising, our buildings, our literature, and our lives. The United States of America is the "New Rome." We must wake up before we tear ourselves down in ignorance. Follow your bliss! Excelsior! Charge on! Live another day! Just another day in paradise! Say what you want to say not want others are influencing you to say. Know your triggers and know thy self!
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