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An ancient evil has corrupt all that once was good. Meet the Adventurers...
In the telling of any tale it is important to establish some history. History compels characters to press onward through perilous obstacles. These obstacles forge a future which is nothing less than legendary.

Our tale is one such epic concerning the foundation of a kingdom. A kingdom whose return was hoped for in the prayers of the people, but whose demise was plotted before inception by the sinister forces of this world. As events and adventures unfold they introduce The Adventurers who would finally establish the mighty kingdom one by one.

But the future is always uncertain. While the kingdom's foundation may have been foretold in the texts of ancient manuscripts - the texts have not yet been proven out. And the kingdom's arrival at times felt as distant as the warm light of dawn in the midst of a cold deep winter's night.

The Story Thus Far...

An ancient evil has corrupt all that once was good.

Four and three-quarters millenia have passed since the
mages of a once powerful and dark order awoke the demon Gorull.

It took little time for Gorull to enter the hearts and
minds of men, and turn their plans to his ends.

The least of the least was swayed to follow and obey Gorull - and for his servitude - the gift of an unnatural lifetime of lifetimes ruling the Realms.

The lowest representative in the least House of all the Realms
arrived at his current station as High King through death and deceit!

In ancient days Prosperity for all the Realms Peoples was once assured -
now only poverty and famine can be counted on century after century.

During antiquity the Treaties between all the Realms Kingdoms were upheld -
now only war and sabotage are the tools of pitiful statesmen.

A long forgotten Peace among all the Realms Races was celebrated -
now only murder and hatred interweave the weakening races.

An illusory and fabled Unity of all the Realms Houses protected freedom -
now only deceit and strife divide once mighty lineage into thinned bloodlines.

Where Understanding of arcane arts unlocked secrets to command the universe -
now all that remains are simple spells of clowning conjurers.

Where Mastery of heroic feats were heralded by bards -
now basic knowledge of mundane tasks are more than mere mortals care to comprehend.

Where Forging of legendary armories birthed legions of legends -
now earthen elements are battered into basic weapons and armor yielding little protection.

Where Hoarding of ancient relics for protection and study preserved history -
now all record of the past is lost as a memory of a dream fades at the dawn.

However, one Order has remained intact, uncorrupt, and
steady through the ages of the High King's illegitimate rule.

While Gorull plans the weakness of the Realms to result in their ultimate destruction,
one Order understands the unique opportunity to turn the tide.

That Order seeks discontented backwaters of the Realms for Adventurers
who would heed the call to rise and bring forth new life to dying legends.

Adventurers who would work to put right all that has
gone so horridly wrong across the Realms.

Adventurers who would uncover the lost bloodlines and
rebuild the innumerable Houses that once ruled the Realms.

Adventurers who would reunite and strengthen the races where hostile
relations now exist between those who once ruled together over the Realms.

Adventurers who would work by cryptic and covert means with the Order
to subvert the mysterious plans of the enemies own dark alliances.

Adventurers who would withstand and suppress the onslaught of the enemies
supporting allies as the Realms draw nearer to unifying the Houses once again.

Adventurers who would embolden people to rise against tyranny however frightening
the decaying Realms may have become in these sinister and hostile times.

Adventurers who would overthrow a false and unnaturally sustained dynasty by any
means necessary even at the great cost of laying down their life for the Realms.

Adventurers who would replace the foul and oppressive throne
with a trustworthy and upright round table of cooperation.

Adventurers who would unite the Realms in
Prosperity, Treaty, Peace, and Unity once again!

A Kingdom Forged by Legends...

Blackbird McAllister is tasked by a quorum of elders to locate the distant heirs of one of the lowest houses in the line. Out of the many children from the direct blood line of Johen King of Mol-Rehan, one line carries the special ability to overcome the darkness which shadows this age.

Aendi Aegis Peregrinate graduates from the Jenn-Kellon School of Archery and sets out for employment on the parapet of a wealthy deed holder. Aendi is settled into a routine lifestyle, until the day a cloaked figure crosses his path. Now Aendi finds himself entwined with an eons old struggle with evil, the search for a missing princess, and the establishment of a new kingdom.

Sheridan Washburn lands on the shores of the newly revealed landmass named Pristine with one task. Establish a foothold for the Order before dark forces can overwhelm the continent. Once secure, send word that the Order may deliver the heirs and herald a new age with the arrival of the promised Kingdom.

Summitch Salmagundi devotes his life to the rituals of Libila in the hopes that his servitude may one day be rewarded by a revelation from the dark goddess. But when Libila speaks, is Summitch able to follow through with the task assigned? The very destruction of the world has been charted. Summitch discovers the evil goddess Libila may be nothing more than an underling in the courts of a much fiercer, more malevolent, ancient force.
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