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Tips on reviewing and for making a template
If you go to the left side of your screen, and click on 'my account', you will be able to then click on 'my review tool' and follow the prompts to create a template. This will make your reviewing much easier.

You will then be able to concentrate only on doing each review, rather than having to set it up each and every time. ..And the reviews might be quicker and easier to do because it's like a 'guide' to your thoughts.

You can get creative and make any template you want...I think there's a nice link to templates at "Helping Links ... but here's a quick one here which you can copy and use or change around the way you'd like (...adding colors, centering, different image, no image, more ideas, etc.):

Hello {suser:}

{b}My Thoughts:{/b}

{b}My Favorite Part:{/b}

{b}My Suggestions:{/b}

{center}Write On!!{/center}



*Star*If you notice in the template above, there is an opening greeting, followed by thoughts. You might take the opportunity to say something really nice in your opening thoughts:
--How did this piece make you feel?
--Did it remind you of something?
--Continue being honest, positive, encouraging and helpful throughout your review.

*Star*You will notice in the next part of the template, you mention your favorite parts of the item. Even if the piece you read was incredibly terrible, you can always find something positive to say.
--Was their idea creative?
--Did their descriptions make you smile? Cry?
--Did something about it really touch you in some way?
If the piece was so perfect that you can't think of anything that might improve it, let the author know that. Letting the author know that you really loved the piece is also a big help. You are saying that the author is on the right track.

*Star*The next area in the sample template is the suggestion area. This is where you can truly shine and be helpful. It's always a great feeling to know that you are able to really help a writer.
--Try not to be rude. We don't want to send anyone away in tears...We want to get them excited about the new ways you pointed out that might improve their work.
--Did you notice anything about the story plot that might be improved?
--Was the rhyme of the poem off?
--Could more descriptions eliminate confusion?
--Did you notice any spelling/grammar errors?
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