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The birth of a new mortal race

Word count:777

The Nepilium Are Born

Numerous experiments have been performed for centuries in the spirit world on various subjects. One subject has been most important, it is called by the mortal realm reincarnation, these spirit beings call it rebirth, another chance of living in the physical form for the second time. Anius has been working with his previous knowledge while he was in the mortal form in the world Epic to experiment, to gain knowledge, and to see for himself how the universe actually operates. He started out on this journey on his own until his soulmate Soukee showed up in the spirit world and together they have been working on this subject. The progress has been more rapid since the pair have been working very closely together and the day for the big experiment has approached for the transformation.

Soukkee and Anius sit together in Summerland. Holding hands while using their mind to imagine the physical particles to come together. They look at each other, their eyes hold the source of love felt between the couple, which will help with the determination of transforming their spiritual body into a physical body. There is a legend that is widely known in the spirit world about being able to live another life in the physical realm. Mortals call it reincarnation and here the spirits call it many things depending on the beliefs of the spirit, rebirth, reborn, some still have the mortal belief of reincarnation, immortality, are just some of the names. As far as any of the spirits know, no one has actually accomplished this.

Soukkee visualizes the body she desires when she is transformed to the physical realm of Epic. She pictures her fiery-red hair with emerald-green eyes, her heart-shaped head with smooth white skin and ruby-red full lips. The ivory hands look dainty with strength that will surpass fifty mortal men with natural strength and her six foot five height will be overpowering for most mortals. The dress she sees herself wearing is an emerald green gown with gold trim around the V-shaped neckline, the length of the dress is down to her calf. She accessorizes herself with a simple gold bracelet and gold ring on her left middle finger. Soukkee can feel energy vibrations throughout her body and throws her head back in response to this allowing the energy to take over her spirit body. It is difficult to describe in words because the process does not cause pain or feel uncomfortable, it just is in existence.

Soukkee felt a change and said in a surprised voice, “Oh. I think we did it.”

Anius looked up and saw that he is in physical form. He turned toward Soukee with a smile, “Soukkee, we did it.”

Soukee touched Anius’s face, exploring the physical body lightly touching her finger down his forehead to his cheekbones to his neck line of his tunic. Looking at his blue sky eyes and noticing the rose pink aura around his body. She walked up to him and kissed him on the lips.

Annius was shocked at how amazing this first kiss in the physical, was even better than when he was living in the physical realm, five hundred years before. He also noticed the rose pink colour of love surrounding Soukee.

“Anius, so what are we going to do with our new found information?”

“Right now, I am enjoying you.” Anius starts to kiss Soukee from her forehead to the top of her tunic and slips it off. He continues to kiss every inch of her body. Taking off his tunic, Anius picks up Soukee and lays her down on the soft forest green grass. They make love celebrating the achievement of creating their own physical body. Afterwards, breathless and tangled limbs around each other enjoying the new found body of both love birds.

In a breathless voice, Soukee says, “This is beautiful. Please say we can stay like this forever.”

With a smile Anius turns toward Soukee and replies, “I wish we could too. Unfortunately, at some point someone will notice we are gone. There is lots more work to be done. We can take some of our experiments to a whole new level and there is a lot of work ahead of us.”

Soukee and Anius looked each other with such love and devotion for one another. Closing their eyes to imagine themselves undoing the particles they used to put their bodies together. Shortly, they found themselves back in Summerland where they started the experiment in the Spirit Realm. This is the very first reincarnation of the new species, known as, the Nephilium.

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