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Luke attempts to make amends with Jill
Assignment 5: Originally I was going to keep up with the swapping pov's from week to week, but I've decided to change that since we only have two weeks left. For this assignment and the last one, you will change the point of view from character "A" to character "B". Start with one, and about midway through, switch to the other, the order does not matter here. I just want to see how they are both feeling as the scene progresses. Now that they’ve gone through their conflict and things remain strained between them, you will work towards resolution. You choose who makes the first move, which character needs coaxing, and how they work it out. Focus on their range of emotions here. Use facial expressions, how explanations affect reactions, what words softens the residual anger and gets them to stop and listen. You can take this far as you think you need to. Do they wind up in bed afterward? This is your choice.
1000-2000 words, due Sunday.

Luke decided to give Jill a few hours to cool off before he tried to make amends. He took that time to evaluate what just happened.

He was sitting in the cafeteria in the student union building waiting for Jill when Susan approached him smiling and wearing one of her tight sweaters and tight blue jeans. His male brain kicked in and he wanted to touch her the way he wanted to touch Jill. The only difference is Susan would let him do almost anything, while Jill was shy and reserved.

Next, he recalled the reason he and Susan broke up. They were each other’s firsts and they agreed to take a break and see what else is out there. Luke went along with it because Susan wanted it. He would have been just as happy to remain with her. At least he thought he would have until he met Jill. He needed to fix this. He could not lose her over a misunderstanding.

With that in mind he made his way over to Jill’s dormitory that evening. He approached the reception desk in the dorm lobby, and lifted the receiver of the public phone. He punched in the extension to Jill’s room and cursed under his breath as the phone rang and rang and rang before finally dropping him into the voicemail.

“Jillian, sweetheart, it’s Luke. Listen we need to talk. I’m in the lobby of your dorm, and I’m not leaving until you come down or they throw me out.”

Luke replaced the receiver and settled himself in one of the single chairs in the seating area of the lobby. He watched the stairs, the elevator, and the doors leading outside for any sign of Jill. He tried texting her and calling her cell phone, but she did not respond to either attempt. He was beginning to panic when he spotted Kate and a tall, dark haired, young man enter the dormitory. She ceased her giggling when she saw him and her mouth thinned into a contemplative line. She swatted her companion’s hands away from her waist and made her way over to stand in front of Luke. Luke stood and slid his hands into his pockets.

“Evening, Luke,” Kate greeted. “How long have you been sitting there?”

“Not long,” Luke admitted. “I suppose Jill told you what happened.”

“Yes,” Kate confirmed. “Sounds like a misunderstanding to me. Come on up with Peter and me. We’ll sort this out.”

Kate led the way up the stairs to the floor where she and Jill lived. Peter and Luke followed quietly behind her. Kate knocked three times on the door and called Jill’s name. The door opened and Jill looked up at Kate through red puffy eyes. Her frown became a scowl when she saw Luke behind Kate. She stepped back and Kate entered pulling Peter inside with her.

“Wait there,” Kate instructed Luke before she closed the door.

Luke leaned back against the wall beside the closed door. He could here Kate and Jill arguing. Finally, the door opened, and Kate nudged Jill outside. She hung the scrunchy on the door knob and closed the door. Jill looked up at Luke, and then averted her eyes. She pulled her coat on, and started down the hall toward the steps. Luke followed close behind, but did not reach out to touch her. She still seemed very upset. They left the dormitory and walked a few paces down the dimly lit campus walkway. Jill paused, and wrapped her arms around her waist as if she was not sure where to go. Luke approached her and gently took her by the shoulders.

“Why don’t we go for a drive?” Luke inquired.

Jill did not say anything just allowed him to lead her to the lot where students parked their cars. He drove them to a coffee shop in town, and led her to a small booth in one of the darker more private corners. When the waitress approached he ordered hot chocolate for both of them. He waited until the waitress brought their drinks before attempting to discuss what happened that day.

“First, I am sorry for causing you pain,” he began. “I assure you it was not my intent. Nor was it my intent to try to get away with anything. I was waiting for you when Susan approached me, and I felt sending her away would be rude.”

“I understand that,” Jill sighed. “But why did you simply introduce me as your study partner? I thought we were more than that to each other.”

“We are,” Luke agreed. “I just wasn’t sure what to call you at that moment.”

“Sometimes actions speak louder than words,” Jill advised. “You touched her, and allowed her to touch you, but you did not move to show me any affection until after she left.”

Luke nodded his understanding. He laid his hand over hers. “I’m sorry about that, Love.”

Jill turned her hand palm up beneath his. Their hands clasped, and they finished their drinks in silence. Luke paid the check, and drove them back to campus. He led Jill to the V in the pathways.

“Kate and her friend are probably still busy,” Luke advised. “My roommate is staying with a friend in town tonight. Would you like to come to my room for a bit?”

When Jill did not object he led her up the path to the left. They stopped in the lobby long enough for the desk attendant to observe Jill entering with Luke, and then climbed the stairs to the floor where Luke lived. He unlocked the door, flicked on the light, and winced at the mess his roommate left behind. One of the beds was covered in clothes and books. Luke led Jill to the empty and neatly made bed.

“Sorry,” he apologized. “I would have tidied up first if I knew we were coming back here.”

“It’s fine,” Jill smiled.

“May I take your coat?” Luke offered.

Jill removed her coat and handed it over. Luke hung both of their coats in his closet, and settled himself beside her on the bed. He slid his fingers into her hair, and drew her in for a kiss. She allowed him to kiss her for a while, but pulled back when he slid his hands over her body. Hello square one, Luke thought sadly.

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