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by brom21
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A scholar and his young apprentice seek another dimension so all humans may escape peril.
The elderly man searched apprehensively in a top floor of an old library looking through book after book hoping to find what he was looking for. He was tired and had bags under his eyes after barely sleeping for three days. I should rest but I must find it as soon as possible or we’re all doomed.he thought. He examined as much information from skimming through all the books related to metaphysical and outer dimensional anomalies.

“Ah, if only there were others I know who understood the ancient text of the Morians.” The man looked at the sky and thought of the total destruction that would soon take place.

Then a young man interrupted his search. “Dr. Wind, how is it faring?”

Dr. Wind glanced at Nathan. “Not good Nathan. The ancient wisdom of the Morians is vast concerning virtually all subjects,” he said as he jerked back to his search.

“Not that I doubt you, but how do you know the myth is true. Is there really another universe?”

“The Morians were the wisest beings to ever live. I would not take them to be faulty of such a dire idea.” Dr. Wind ran his palm down his face and leaned back in his chair. “What is the present time frame from NASA?”

“Two days,” Nathan said.

Dr. Wind through his hands up that threw a book at the wall. “This is hopeless.”

“Why don’t you ask for help? There may be someone versed in the Morian writing.”

“Even if there are, there would most likely be no possibility of finding one in time.”

Nathan walked away down stairs and lay on his professor’s couch. Then he was awoken by a great yell.

“I’ve found it!”

“Nathan jumped up and ran upstairs. “What is it!?” he exclaimed.

“The way to another dimension! I think I’ve found it! This ancient book has a world map and a triangle around where modern day Monterrey, Mexico is.”

“What’s in Monterrey?” asked Nathan.

“According to the book, it is not what is in it, but under it. Apparently there exists an underground cathedral built by the Morians. ” 

Nathan questioned Dr. Wind. “How do we get to it if it is underground and more importantly how do we get there in time?”

“A cave tunnel leads to it. For your second question, all we need is a quick trip to the bank and a little bribing. Pack a change of clothes; we’re headed for the bank then the airport”.

Nathan and Dr. Wind quickly made a withdraw of his life savings and put it in a small case. With the same haste they arrived at the airport and made a dash for the ticket counter and went around to where the clerk was.

“Hey you’re not allowed back here!” he said.

Dr. Wind instantly opened the briefcase below the counter and the clerk’s jaw dropped.

“How much money is in there?”

“Twenty-five grand. It can be all yours if you put me and my young friend on the next trip to Monterrey, Mexico.”

“What’s the hurry?”

“Take it or leave it.”

The clerk took a deep breath and gave a quick nod, took the case and put it under the counter.  He then issued two tickets for a 6pm trip. They would leave within thirty minutes.


Dr. Wind walked away with Nathan and a half hour later they were on the plane.

“How are we supposed to get to this other world at this cathedral? Also where is this cave system in all of Monterrey?” asked Nathan.

“Dr. Wind was looking out the window while he spoke. “The book has what appears to be a form of latitude and longitude. As for the cave itself, a map is provided that will lead us to it.”

Nathan frowned and spoke with doubt. “What do we do we get there?”

“Dr. Wind was silent and looked at his young companion in the eyes. “That is where I am baffled.” He showed Nathan the book. “According to a picture in the book, at the center of the temple there is a small obelisk with Morian letters. On top of the structure is a stone dragon. Our only hope is that we discover what to do when we get there.”

When they landed at the small airfield in Monterrey, the doctor pulled out his GPS tablet. “I’ll rent us a vehicle.”

He walked to a kiosk with his briefcase and spoke to a man with a thick Spanish accent. “What can I do for you Senior?”

“I’d like to rent a jeep.”

“Sure my friend, that will be fifty American dollars.”

“Alright, here you are,” Dr. Wind said giving him the money.

“So where is the cave entrance?” asked Nathan as he walked with Wind to the vehicle.

“Roughly six miles east of here I believe.”

“Can we eat something before we leave,” Nathan said feeling his stomach.

“I thought of that beforehand, traveling rations,” he answered pulling out a square silver package. “Eat up.” Dr. Wind tossed the package to Nathan. “It will be a two hour drive so we’d better start before it gets dark.”

With his mouth full Nathan hopped into the vehicle and Dr. Wind took the driver’s seat.

“Goodbye Amigos; safe traveling.” said the man at the kiosk.

“Thanks,” Nathan yelled back as they drove off in search of their goal.           

Thirty minutes later they were on their way, the young assistant looked at the GPS screen with a blinking dot. “Did you program the GPS with the coordinates?” he said.

“Yes, and if I’m right, what we’re looking for should stick out indefinitely.”

“This is so exciting! Are you excited?” asked Nathan.

“I feel more anxious and frightened. The fate of the whole human race depends on us deciphering the key to entering the other dimension.”

“I’m sorry; I guess it’s my age.”

As they continued, the rocky terrain wore at the tires. Finally something caught Dr. Wind’s eye and they stopped.”

Before them, in the midday sun was a large boulder.

“Look here! You can barely see it but is faded Morian writing,” the doctor said as he pointed to the etching.

“Can you read it?” 

“I think it mentions something about the entrance to the cave. It also speaks of the first king who ruled the Morian people.” Dr. Wind titled his head and mused. “It does not speak of his name.”

“What was his name?”

“That is disputable and not mentioned plainly at all in the Morian records but according to my research his name was Sosthenous.”

Suddenly the ground shook and the boulder began to roll back making a loud cracking noise. The two individuals were mystified as an opening in the ground appeared along with a stone staircase leading down into a tunnel. The noise stopped.  Dr. Wind got out the book and a flashlight as well. “Step one complete, now we move on to step two,” said Wind as both of them started the descent to the darkness below.

The tunnel had a musty smell that reeked with age. The companions stepped down with the light of day fading behind them.

“I did not think this cathedral would be so deep. It must be enormous,” said Nathan.

“The Morians, like with all things, were master builders. They could have erected something the size of the Empire State Building.”

Nathan gave an overwhelmed look. “What!”

“According to the map it is not that big however.”

Nathan took a breath of relief. “Thank goodness.”

“We should be reaching the bottom soon. What wonder awaits us!?”

“What about the seriousness you mentioned. You’re excited.”

“Forgive me, there must be a little youth left in me yet.”

Then, Nathans’s face lit up. “I see something!”

At the bottom of the stairs they reached an archway. After the two passed under it, torches on both sides of the wall lit up together revealing a long corridor.

”Is this place haunted!?”

“Don’t worry Nathan; it is most likely ancient technology. Perhaps we stepped on something that triggered it.”

Both of the explorers made their way to the end of the corridor that was about twenty yards from them.

At the end, there was an iron lever.

Both of them looked at each other.

“Well, here geos nothing,” said Nathan as he pulled the lever.

The enclosure began to lower down with the sound of creaking gears. Nathan and Dr. Wind looked all around them wondering where they were going. After five minutes of waiting, the stone elevator reached the bottom that met a doorway which they quickly opened. The two were in awe at what they saw.

Before them was the enormous Cathedral. It was full of spires and golden buttresses. Balconies lined the myriads of towers decked with jewels studded into them.

Finally Dr. Wind reoriented his focus. “We have to go, come on,”

Nathan shook his head, nodded and followed Wind into an open gateway.

After going up a set of bronze staircases, they had stumbled upon their goal.

“The obelisk!- It’s beautiful!” said Dr. Wind.

“And look at the stone dragon; it seems almost real!” exclaimed Nathan.

Both approached the base of the towering structure where the Morian letters were engraved on its surface.

“Lets’ see, what is the secret to this puzzle?” said Wind.

“Maybe we can gain a clue from what we have already encountered.” Nathan looked down in thought. “We got in by speaking the name of the first king of the Morian Empire,” he finished

“We have to spell something,” said Wind. “And I suppose we press the letters to spell.”

Dr. Wind snapped his fingers. “It’s the name of the dragon deity! But I do not know his name.”

“How did the Morians get their name?” asked Nathan. 

“I think Morian was the name of the gatekeeper of the outer dimension.”

“That has to be it! What is the dragon doing?-it’s guarding!”

Wind gave a thoughtful look then began pressing each of the seven characters that spelled Morian. Suddenly the dragon figure came to life as it broke out of the stone like a shell. It peered down at them with sapphire red eyes and spoke with a deep rumbling voice. “Who seeks to enter the outer realm of Ethereal?” 

Both were scared silent until Morian, the guardian to the other dimension, demanded their response. “Speak!”

“Our world is about to be destroyed by a meteor and we seek refuge where we can survive.” said Dr. Wind.

“If you are worthy you may enter. One of you must give your life to save the rest of mankind.”

Nathan and Dr. Wind looked at each other.  “I’ll go,” said Dr. Wind.

“But…” before the young man finished, he was interrupted.

“I’m older and it was my quest.”

Then the great dragon Morian spoke. “You have passed the test. For this act of selflessness I will send all of mankind to Ethereal to dwell in.”

“Ethereal…what a fitting name for another world.” said Wind.

Then Morian opened his mouth and a great white light filled the cathedral and I then like lighting they found themselves in a realm of magnificent wonder.

Golden buildings and streets went on for miles while fountains were centered at city at points all along the expanse. Cathedrals of varying size decorated the long walkways that were now filled with bewildered humans.  There were multiple suns and nebulae that filled the sky. Everything was filled with living vibrancy. Colors were clearer and more defined while a strange peace permeated everything.   

Then Morian’s voice echoed in every place and direction. “Live in peace and dwell in harmony.”

“With no weapons or physical barriers, there may actually be world peace like he said.”

Dr. Wind spoke with a gentle demeanor. “Yes, what a future we’ll have.”

They embraced each other and walked on to explore the new world and the glorious future ahead.



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