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My neighbor's peculiar hobby.
When I first saw Darn yarn-bombing, I sought to taunt;
(Darn’s my neighbor who moved here from central Vermont.)
Yet I tempered my taunt since a taunt seemed unfit,
and instead became enthralled by Darn’s unique knit.

Seems his hobby was one in which yarn bombs applied
to the things that are common to the great outside.
Like a mailbox or lamppost or statues of old;
Darn would yarn-bomb with aplomb, be it hot or cold.

(It behooves me to tell you what yarn-bombing be;
  it’s applying those yarn things to objects, you see.
  Like a scarf or a sweater or fine stocking hat;
  it was clear that to Darn yarn was where it was at.)

When the Two’s first moved in I felt anxious attack
by the massive amounts of yarn out in the back.
Yet with friendliness flowing, he beamed, “I’m Darn Two;”
then with yarn in the yard I met his Mary Lou.

(Now I have to admit all that yarn made me think;
  there was lavender, crimson, sky blue, even pink.
  Lots of rolls in stark colors affronting wee barn;
  as a wordsmith, I punned to myself, I’ll be darn.)

Lest I thought all that yarn would get wet from the rain,
I saw Darn drag a tarp as his purpose was plain.
Thus he covered his yarn easing my worried thought;
yet he came back with one roll in pure apricot!

Mary Lou gave a wave as the evening sun set;
(all the yarn was secure so I had no regret.)
Yet the colors of yarn shone in dreams through the night;
little did I think yarn would entice and excite.

O the worry of yarn, apricot on my mind!
On return of the sun, what yarn bombs would I find?
My new neighbors, the Two’s, seemed endearing enough;
yet beneath tarp by barn was darn curious stuff.

(And the yarn kept on coming as night ebbed away;
  I was wrapped in a ball of yarn right where I lay.
  Then it rolled me o’er landscape, to valley and hill;
  despite outré experience, it was darn thrill.)

As I parted the curtains, I welcomed the dawn;
there were apricot bombs scattered out on the lawn.
On my mailbox a cover in apricot hue;
‘twas result of a hobby applied by Darn Two.

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