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john crashes and realizes he cant go home.
Dawn broke over the mountains in the distance. John watched as the first sun rose above the horizon, lighting and warming the cold planets surface. Looking about the area as the light began to spread its life everywhere, He began to notice the colors as they filled his vision field. He smiled a bit, as he had never seen such vivid colors like that on Earth. The sounds of the indigenous animals were beginning to fill the air with life. The valley beneath him is filled with untold beauty, well that is except for the wreck that once was his ship, and the gouging trench it made when he came to this place, yesterday.

Once the ship came to rest, he climbed out, for fear of explosions that may result. Nothing in the craft was salvageable, except the survival pack underneath his seat, as reentry had ripped a hole in the side of the ship, thank god John had thought to put his air mask on before reentry in to the atmosphere. Looking over his wrecked craft, john realized he had no transportation around the planet, as the compartment that held his rover, was now destroyed.

“Figures,” He said scratching his head, figuring out in his head that it was like the whole mission had been a lie, since he left Earth.

His crew of five brave men and women were all dead, their bodies incinerated when the main body of his ship crashed into the planets double sun. John knew he was alone, and that there was no rescue from this place.

John had his cry last night when he made camp by the ship, as the temperature of the planet dropped too quickly and too far for his liking. The heat the ship had absorbed on reentry took a while to dissipate, thus giving him lifesaving heat. He was up before the first sun rose, as he was interested in the sight of a double sun rising over the horizon, it was always on his bucket list.

After a time the second sun poked its head over the far horizon. Wirth it came heat as John had never felt, as well as almost blinding light as well. He placed his helmet back over his head as his eyes weren’t ready for that kind of light without something to block some of it. The loud click indicated it was locked in and the shield automatically came down shading john’s eyes.

Picking up the survival pack, and strapping it to his back, he headed off to find a more permanent place for his to hold up, as his crash sight wasn’t a place he would want to be, as it was out in the open far too much for his liking.

This planet’s forest was rich with life, its dense jungles were hard to move through, without hacking the heck out of it. John felt that there was a definite feeling to it, unlike anything he had ever felt before. Almost like having his every move watched and logged in some way. Taking things slowly, he pushed his way through the forest, cutting things out of the way, blazing a trail through this unknown and, in his opinion a very hostile world.

With his reentry suit on he couldn’t feel the heat, but John’s instruments told him it was getting too warm for his liking to be outside without protection.
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