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the story of every relationship
What a girl wants?

no body knows...

this question has baffled many great minds of many great husbands and boyfriends. its very simple to understand yet the answer is not at all elegant. why is that the other sex of our own species seem so baffling and complicated to us?

why cant we just know what she desires and fulfil her needs. after all, they understand us so perfectly, why cant we do the same? they are there for us in our difficult times, even in times we don't know we are gonna need them, and then when we do, they are already there, to help us, to guide us, to be our support. its like they can just read our minds and predict the future. they don't say "behind every successful man..." for nothing. you can argue that men are simple beings, what we want is written on our faces and its really easy to keep us happy, but that is not true. when we are at our lowest, when there seems to be no hope, only darkness, she shines to be the only light. she understands you, she listens to your every problem, "she gets you".

why cant we do the same?

well, this is the tricky part, i believe. Humans, for most cases, are just primarily apes from inside, whom we evolved from. our needs are simple and extremely basic: food, sleep, sex and a basic need to enjoy the life around. and this is the principle most of us, males, work upon. for us to know someone, and i mean really know someone, takes time. women don't need much from us, they need the simplest things and gestures. a good morning text, a radiant smile when we meet them, a simple hug from the back, an unexpected kiss on the cheeks, to laugh at her silliest joke or for him to get a little jealous when she talks about other boys. all the things to just let her know, that you care for her. all they want is assurance, not much. you may call me "a hopeless romantic", but these things matter to her. she wants to see the passion in your eyes and feel like there is someone who is gonna miss her when she is gone. you can argue saying "she can just ask us to do these things", but a girl doesn't want that. she wants you to understand her and her silliest demand, her craziest craving, her stupidest decision. she wants to eat ice cream at 3 in the morning, not because she really likes ice cream (maybe she does), because she wants to do it with you, to create a memory with you. they will never ask, because they want you to know her and her inner most thoughts and desires, she wants you "to get her".

now, after reading that last paragraph, you are gonna think "thats a long list", and you know, being a man, i would probably agree, which just brings us back to square one. but all in all, the next time, instead of calling your girlfriend "bat shit crazy", if you try to do what she really wants and expects from you, you would make her the happiest girl on the planet. the trick is to find out what, and that is the most difficult trick in the world, which could only be learnt by spending time with your significant other. yet the more time you spend, the more confusing it can get. how? no body knows...

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