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Rated: 13+ · Lyrics · Romance/Love · #2029112
A song a wrote recently. I dont normally do this,but give brutal honesty as always. Music!

She sat by me and rolled her eyes
she wasnt into me but I was gunna try

She couldn't care if I was there
in her light I stoped too stare.
Im satisfied.....

The long brond hair and foolish eyes
she wasn't doing well, but i was getting by.

She was running out of time and i was running
out of luck, she went her way and i went mine.


Satisfied, Im satisfied
So long as she knows I tried
satisfied, Im satisfied
I cant wait untill I die

She stopped right there to realize
what it really was to be alive.

Under that old willow tree, where she pressed
up to me, Im satisfied.....

"Instrumental" (violin/harmonica)

She asked me not to wait...
she begged me not to cry...

I sat there on my knees asking why, god, why?


satisfied, Im satisfied.
Even though, I know I lied
Satisfied, Im satisfied
I told her that i never cried.

She woke up to me with a broken smile and a sincere
apology, i asked for her hand or maybe just to stay a while.

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