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What adaptations have you made to your faith in response to science and other knowledge?
This prompt reminded me of the little Christian boy from Child Genius on Lifetime.

In the following clip young Graham is seen discussing with his mother before proclaiming his faith in front of the CG judges. The subject is astronomy which the baby Christian hates because he and his family do not believe in the Big Bang Theory.


The genius is 10, so he's allowed this bias. What bothers me is that his parents don't even consider to expand his mind and explore the possibility that MAYBE God created the earth USING the big bang. I'm not sure how many grown people reject science in favor of 'mystical/magical' religion but as a self-proclaimed Christian I am fine with thinking God created science along with everything else.

I'm slowly evolving my views on homosexuality. When in college I was the only one on a panel of 8 that said maybe God hates promiscuity as opposed to same-sex monogamous couples. See also:
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If I had the courage to speak, share my testimony regarding my relation to homosexuality.
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Prompt from "Spiritual Newsletter (February 4, 2015): Like Darwin, how has your faith evolved? In other words, what adaptations have you made to your faith in response to the changing world view offered to us by science and other sources of knowledge and perspective? I invite you to write about this - creating a static item you can share with me in the comments section, which I can share next month.

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