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man returns a toaster
No Refunds without a Receipt

The toaster we bought on Tuesday was not working and it was only Thursday and only one side of the bread was getting toasted.  My wife insisted that I take it back to the department store where she had bought it and out money back.

I always seemed to be the one who had to take things back if we were not happy with it.  So I packed up the toaster in the box. 

Mason’s department store was on First Street so I went down town and parked in the new parkade and headed over to Mason’s to get my money back.

When I arrived there the line-up for customer service and refunds was extremely long.  Not only that there was only one person who was handling this important area of the business. 

So I waited in line while the clerk at the counter dealt with one person after another. She was in no hurry and many times it seemed she was gathering a life history from each customer she dealt with.

Finally it was my turn.  I approached the middle-aged clerk who stood behind the counter.

“How can I help you?” she asked.

“I bought this toaster and it doesn’t work.” I responded.

“Do you want to exchange it for another toaster?” she queried.

I thought for a moment and replied, “No, I’d rather have the money back.”

“Do you have your receipt for the purchase?”  she asked.

I searched through the packaging and store bag.  There were instructions on how to operate it and then I found the receipt.

“I have the receipt. I just want my money back.” I fumed.

The woman perused the receipt, looked up and me and said “This toaster was purchased at Stedman’s over on Dawson Street.

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