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A sinkhole takes my car.
I watched my new Ford Fusion sink
into the ground which made me think
as prices rise all over town,
the value of my Ford goes down.

I only had it for a spell;
that new car smell resided well.
A sinkhole took it from my sight
as if the Earth had appetite.

It seemed to fuse within the Earth
(an odd merger for what it’s worth),
as fancy wheels and finished glow
descended to the depths below.

I felt my heart lodge in my throat;
the underground rose up and smote
my newfound ride as I looked on
in state of shock and woebegone.

At first it sank as far as hood;
I was nonplussed right where I stood.
It tilted like Titanic did;
into the Earth it quickly slid.

I neared the hole as close I dare
(when Earth gulps car one must beware.)
Ford Fusion into Earth’s recess;
my brand new car now valueless.

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