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a mystery of a missed tryst inspired a painting
                             "Miss Mary's Meadow"

         An easel,
and a newly stretched, fresh-white canvas stood before her.
A brush in hand posed to convey a story she knew, sadly so well.

         An illustrated imbroglio ensued.
A palette of oils, rich hues, purposed a peaceful pastoral scene.

         Miss Mary's Meadow,
as the setting came to be hailed long ago, evolved as the painting's
landscape motif. The tale then was told.

         "He" was to meet "She"
on a sunny summer's day; a tryst in a gold-tip-green grassy field,
where soft warm breezes created waves of daisies, yellow-ochre
Black-eye Susans, and patches of multi-colored marigolds.

         To the side,
banked by a stand of stately sycamores, a stoic-sentinel forest;
their long dark blue-green shadows approached a tranquil setting,
intended as the couple's place for a rendezvous.

         Over-laying brush strokes,
titanium white washes, suggest blurred images of tiny spirits
and sprites, shimmering lights surrounding a rumpled and frayed
quilted blanket of stitched crimson hearts and roses; weighed
down by a rain-bruised mandolin and a wind battered picnic basket
covered with spider's lace.

         "She" alone,
on that effervescent day, felt the magic of love's possibilities,
gifted by nature's dancing elemental beings, donned
with silver glitter and gossamer wings; embraced to heal a loss.

         In contrast,
a lamp-black silhouette, portrayed as an incongruous figure,
stood deep in the dark viridean woods, as well as vague
indications of surreal appearing webs; perhaps sinister,
compromising the serenity of the composition. A mystery.

         "He" alone,
on that elusive day, missed promises of happiness.

         The background,
a clear cerulean-blue sky blended passively to a pale magenta
horizon, insinuating the benchmark of the nearing to a day's end.

         An easel,
and a freshly painted canvas stood before her.
A brush in hand posed to title and sign the story's conclusion.
"He Was To Meet She"; painted by, Miss Mary.

line count:40
A free verse contest entry Feb. 2015
Prompt words: rendezvous, imbroglio, tranquil, love
Prompt image:
Round 6 Verdant Prompt
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