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Rose has a vision about her soul mate then meets him unexpectedly

Word count: 299


It is happening again. I should be used to this by now. I am awake yet I can see a movie playing in my head. This time feels different. I am seeing a court room with lots of people everywhere.

My attention lands on the most handsome face I have ever seen. There is this glow around him that is so bright you would think it would be uninviting; it is quite the opposite. He bolts up from his chair with his arm raised in the air saying something I cannot understand.

I have never seen this man with short midnight black hair. He feels so familiar and yet he is a stranger. A mystery to ponder. There is a longing for him that I am having trouble finding the words. Feeling is easier than speaking at this moment. I need to find this man.

I hear the door bell, bringing me out of my reverie and run down the stairs to open it. Pulling the door open I cannot believe who I see at my door step with my best friend, Kate. I exclaim, “You can’t be serious.”

Kate looks at me with a confused look and says, “Are you ok? I just brought my new boyfriend, Bruce over to meet you.”

Bruce looks at Rose with those dark handsome eyes and says, “Kate has already said so much about you, I feel like I know you already.”

Kate and um Bruce, I do not mean to be rude. I really need to be alone right now. Nice to meet you and cya guys later.”

I close the door and race to my room, slamming my door shut. Not sure what to do about my best friend being together with my soul mate. I do nothing.

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