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The Divine Right of Commerce+
  Saint Thomas Aquinas states, "Human  dominion and princedoms are by human,
  not by divine right. It depends upon the consent of the multitude to place over
  them a king, consul or other magistrate; and if there be a legitimate reason, the
  multitude can change the government into a aristocracy or a democracy."

  The Virginia Declaration of Rights in the Declaration of Independence proclaims
  the equality of man and sovereignty by consent of the people is found in the
  Devine Right of liberty.

  But, as we all know no one is equal.
  There is always an elite.
  This is natural selection and commerce.

  In the not to distance future there will be shortages of food and water.
  Fossil fuels will increase the global temperature and thin the ozone
  with methane.
  The multitude will cry out for a savior and they will have one.
  What is the purpose of a government, than to lead the people to prosperity?

  Marshal law will be necessary and human rights will be suspended.
  The rights of the individual do not out way the needs of a nation.
  Slavery will be legalized again to manage the masses of unemployed.
  Unproductive citizens will be arrested and put to work in prison labor.
  It is necessary to maintain order and manage limited resources with a centralized

  Media and communications will be monitored and regulated by government oversight.
  The counter culture of anarchy will not be tolerated.
  A strict and firm hand will be kept on all celebrity malfeasant ...
  Only the elite central committee shall be the voice of the people.

  Kelly is an example of a citizen . She works in a bank .
  Her life is calculated and her life is measured by her productivity.
  She cannot fail. but, she is human and fallible.
  She has been reviewed many times .. This one review brought her
  to tears. She has had a shortage.

  Nevertheless, her supervisor allows her to keep her job.
  He is a man of power and influence and desires.
  In order for Kelly to remain employed she must be a mistress
  to her supervisor. It is a necessary means to her career ..
  She feels no shame . . It is only business.

  Her supervisor is delighted to have her under his arm.
  He proudly displays her as his trophy to his friends and wife.
  What is a marriage, but another negotiated contract?
  Kelly has shared his bed with her supervisor and wife many times .
  She has also offered her assistance as concubine to her supervisor's son.
  It is only a biological function that can be taught to an adolescent ..

  Kelly is pleased with her successful administration as sex slave.
  She has received many pay increases and offers for advances by other
  supervisors. Is this not natural and resourceful?
  There is no shame in good commerce.
  Soon she will join the elite and why would anyone object?
  The multitude have excepted Kelly and so have the elite.

  Amen Rah!
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