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the theft the new leviathan. my first attempt at steampunk.. open to constructive crisitsm
The sun broke over the horizon that morning giving the day a really good and strong start, which is a good thing. Captain Nathaniel Jessup woke at his normal early time and began his day in the usual way he had most of his military career, with a nice hot shower and a nice big cup of coffee. The smell of the coffee filled the air with its rich heavy smell as the captain grabbed the grinder from the cabinet and began to turn the handle. The sound of the cracking coffee beans in the morning was one of his favorite sounds of all.
The water he had placed on the fire began to boil. He sat down at his kitchen table, after grabbing his cup and putting the coffee into it followed by the boiling water, to read the newspaper he retrieved from the porch. As his body came to rest in the chair, he allowed his mind to just drift off. He has a busy day getting ready to begin, and he knew it.
“Ok, Nate,” he thought to himself,” You have worked hard for this time. And its all yours to make or break. I hope I’m making the right choice.”
He just sat there in silence, staring out the window towards the rising sun, contemplating what was going to happen today and knowing that it will change his life one way or another. A heavy knock at the front door disturbed the silence of the moment.
He went to answer the rather hasty knocking on the door, before he could do it again. As he saw who had been knocking, meaning it was his aid Charles, a lieutenant serving under him. Charles was adjusting his uniform, when he saw the Captain standing in the doorway in his robe, holding what looked like a half a barrel full of what he assumed was coffee. While deep inside he was hoping that was all it was.
“Yes, Charles,” the captain finally spoke and seemingly startling the Young lieutenant,” What do you want?”
“Umm,” Charles tried to speak but that is all that came out,” The… Ah… the Admirals Carriage… Is …Umm.”
“dammit, Charles” the Captain demanded,” speak up, man. What about the admiral’s carriage?”
“He… ahh.. Umm… he has left Atlanta,” he tried to get his mouth to focus.
“Ok, Charles,” the captain looked at him with one hell of an angry expression,” I know that. You know I know that, why are you disturbing me with stuff I already know?”
“B-b-but he left four hours early, Captain, sir. He will be here shortly and will meet you at the pier, when he gets there.”
The look of anger disappeared from the Captains face, only to be replaced by a look similar to an animal getting caught looking into hunters eyes just before he killed it, especially when he realized that the Admiral is a stickler for punctuality and really hates it when his officers aren’t there before he gets there. Not to mention the fact that Nathan was one of the ones that thought the Admiral was a total ass, and hated him, problem was that the Admiral knew it.
“Damm,Charles,” The captain finally said,” That means he will be there in a bout a half an hour from now.”
“Ummm… yep…It does” Charles responded softly.
“Ok, thank you Charles. Give me ten minuets and I will be ready.”
Charles nodded slowly, and the captain closed the door rather hastily, leaving Charles on the porch waiting.
Meanwhile, at the dock the ship was being loaded with the fuel oil, and supplies for its maiden voyage. Two thick heavy looking hoses went from the dock onto the opposite ends of the brass colored ship, while pallets of supplies were hoisted up and onto the ship and into the hold for the maiden voyage.
“be careful with that pallet, Mate!” shouted the female crew boss member to the crewman on the block and takle.
“yes sir.” The crewman answered,” will do.”
The crew boss smiled as she walked towards the gang plank of the great brass vessel sprawled out before her.
“Hold on there young miss,” a crew member said as he stopped her at the end of the gangway,” and just where do you think you are going to?”
“I’m going on this ship,” she replied, “ or would you rather I go somewhere else?”
“Well,” he continued,” this is no pla…”
The gangway crew member was interrupted in mid sentence, by this young miss, as he called her, put this rather sizable crew member on his back and put a foot on top of his chest.
“Listen up,mate!” she said looking down at this man who was just now realizing what just happened,” I am the new crew boss for this ship and you will never question me again. Do you understand?”
“ Yes,ma’am,” he said with some deep seated fear in his voice, the likes of which he, himself, had never heard before.
Stepping over him and making her way up the gangplank and onto the ship. The smell of burning oil filled her nostrils, and mixing with the scent of the saltwater in the area, brought a familiar scent to her mind. She turned around beside the gang way,and watched all the commotion on the pier beneath him. Another evil smile overtook her face.
With a puff of black smoke, a rather large pop the Leviathan leapt skywards. The brass of the body sparkled in the sun. All the Captain could do is watch from the pier, beside the gangway that was cut free. He could be seen screaming orders for some one to stop the ship from going anywhere, In his haste he wasn’t paying attention to the fact that the ship was too far away from the dock to be boarded.

A small masked figure stepped up on the rails and looked down at the captain.

“Thank you Captain,” The mechanical voice stated through an amplifier,” Thank you for this fine ship of yours, we will put it to great use.”

“Oh, And just so you know who it is that scuttled you,” The figure continued,” I am White feather! Ha-ha!”

The figure waved its hand before jumping down off the rail, and out of sight.

“You will not get away with this, white feather!” He screamed, “I will stop you.”

Suddenly two fighter planes came around a distant building. As they got closer, their guns began to blast the ship. The guns from the leviathan appeared out of openings in the hull, and spit back at the small planes.

The leviathans guns were far more accurate, as the two guns that fired, sheared off the wings from the first plane easily then cut the tail off the other as it got close.

“Good try captain,” the voice uttered in total defiance,” But as you can see completely futile.”

The good captains face just got red as the rage tore through him like explosives would have.

“Ok , boys,” The voice stated through the amplifier again,” Enough playing, let’s get out of here. full power boson! Let’s see what she can do”

The smoke and steam mixer got more intense, as the two massive props began to work harder to get the ship higher into the deep blue sky, while the five smaller props propelled them faster.

A runner approached the Captain, and after a stiff salute informed him that the other ships in the harbor were unable to get airborne in pursuit. The captain turned sharply as the junior officer continued saying something about there being a problem with the communication system.

"dammit!" he proclaimed," They really have thought of everything."

As the leviathan was heading away a staff car pushed its way through the gawking crowd, once it stopped a door opened and Admiral mccarten, the head of the Imperial navy got out, and angrily marched up to the Captain. The captain quickly turned and gave a sharp salute with his shiny brass mechanical arm.

"what the heck happened, Captain?" He yelled," How did they do that?

"I'm not sure,sir," He said with a nervous twinge to his voice," I was giving the speech and suddenly the gang plank dropped. then she started launching, sir."

"What about the other ships you've got in pursuit?"

"their aren't any yet," The Captain stated.

"And why not," The admiral answered raising his voice a little.

"I was just informed that our communication system was having issues and can't reach the other ships, so as of now they don't know," the captain said never taking his eyes off his prize," Yet!"

The Admiral laughed a bit, and put an evil grin on his face," Then all is well then."

"Are you kidding me, sir?" he questioned," They just stole my ship."

"Yes they did," the admiral said as he motioned to a cloud bank nearby," I was expecting that."

As if on queue, four more ships pulled out of the cloud bank, armed to the teeth and they were in battle position where as the Enterprise most certainly was not. Their guns were ready as the stolen ship began to pull away.
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