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Rated: 18+ · Novel · Romance/Love · #2029825
Forever Yours Chapter Twelve
Chapter Twelve

By Monday morning, the weather had warmed up even more and Savannah was grateful for the sunshine and blue skies.

“I hope we get approved to get that little dog, I just don’t see why we have to jump through so many flaming hoops to get her though.”

Jacob shrugged as he stared out over the rolling turquoise ocean as seagulls dipped in and out of it hoping to catch a few fish.

Savannah walked over to him and started to lightly graze his bare back with her nails.

“I just realized we never got a chance to take the boat out.”

She glanced at him and blinked in confusion.

“Where did that come from?”

He picked up his mug of coffee and took a sip before answering.

“I really wanted to go out on the water yesterday.”

Savannah frowned and wrapped her arms around him.

“Awww I’m sorry. Well, we will definitely have to do it today then.” She smiled and gave him a quick kiss. “I’m going to go shower. Want to join me?”

She never had to ask that question more than once and grinned when he agreed by taking her hand into his. They entered their beach house and continued to the stairs then into the master bathroom.

“You know me. I rarely turn down that opportunity.”

Savannah grinned as she began to get undress while he turned on the shower.

“Why do you think I asked?” her grin widened as he removed his clothes then led her into the steam filled area.

Savannah inhaled the moist air deeply, letting it invade her lungs.

The kiss started out long and slow as he pinned her between himself and the wall. It then moved to her neck, sucking on the soft skin there as she let out a sigh of pleasure and her fingers ran through his soft wavy hair.

“So tell me Jacob…” she breathed into his ear gently. “What is it that you want to do on the boat exactly?” Savannah’s hands rubbed up and down his ripped abs as her tongue licked along his damp neck lightly, his hand imprinting on the back of her thigh as he moved closer into her.

He groaned in response and covered his mouth with hers as she let out another sigh.

“I could tell you but I’d rather show you.” He grinned as his lips pressed to hers tighter while her hands traveled over his body, following the tracks the water droplets were leaving.

Savannah’s eyebrows rose with interest as her tongue ran over her front teeth and she watched as a slight pout began to form. “Let me show you…”

She gasped as he entered her steadily, pushing himself in and out as she clawed at his shoulders.

He was showing her alright; to the point that she was starting to feel a little light headed, the steam seemed to enclose around her as she gripped him even more and a delicious tingling sensation flowed through her bloodstream, ending with her toes curling and her breathing trying to even out.

“Ohhh God Jacob…damn!”

Her husband grinned widely.

“So I did well?”

Savannah stared at him blankly as her vision attempted to focus.

“` What….?”

Jacob just shook his head as his smile widened even more.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

By the time Melanie was knocking at the door, they had showered, dressed and relaxing out on the porch, basking in the warmth of the sun.

Jacob glanced over, his coffee cup halfway to his lips.

A second later, they heard the bubbly voice calling out to them and Jacob got up to go let her in. “Oh shit.” He grumbled as his bare feet continued down the hallway. “Was the home interview for that dog today?” he asked as he peered out through one of the windows that lined both sides of the door horizontally.

“Good morning.” Savannah smiled when they appeared. “Would you like some coffee? I don’t know about you two but I’m hungry.”

“She makes the best French toast.” Jacob smiled and she rolled her eyes.

“Says the man who will eat anything I put in front of him.” Savannah smiled as Melanie began to giggle, the sound was the high-pitched nasal type of laugh that made Jacob want to cringe.

That woman really was way too happy.

“I’m fine but thank you.”

“You’ll still make me some won’t you?” Jacob gave her a sweet smile and she rolled her eyes in mock aggravation.

“I guess, although why can’t you make me anything for a change?”

“Do you really want me to burn the house down?”

That was met with another high-pitched laugh from Melanie as Savannah hit the back of his head before she got to her feet.

“Your comedic ability overwhelms me.” She taunted with a roll of her eyes as he gazed up at her with his wounded puppy dog expression. “Don’t even try that you sad excuse for a man.” Savannah continued with a grin, clearly enjoying the torture she was inflicting on him.

She turned to Melanie, who was still giggling. “I’ll be back after I fix his Highness breakfast.”

“Hurry it up my queen.” Jacob smiled as she headed for the French doors that led into the kitchen.

“You’ll get it when I give it to you.” She told him before she pulled the door closed.

She returned a little while later with a plate for him and herself.

“You know that does look really good…” she started and Jacob laughed as he cut into a corner.

“I do believe that’s a new record Savannah. You sucked her in before she even tasted anything.”

His wife turned a bright shade of red and waved him off.

“My cooking isn’t that good.” she laughed then took a sip of her orange juice.

“Don’t listen to her.” Jacob argued after he swallowed and licked his lips. “Her grandmother ran a diner a few years back and boy was that food good! It runs in the family.”

Savannah rolled her eyes as Melanie pulled a stack of papers from an accordion-style portfolio.

“Wow, that’s a lot of legal stuff just for a dog!” Jacob laughed and started looking through them.

“At Love and Cuddles we take all of our adoptions seriously. Animals have feelings too you know, that’s why we work so hard at finding them good homes. We suggest the best in food and vet care too. Plus there’s an obedience school a few times a month.”

The couple was quiet as they looked over all the paperwork.

“How long does the whole process take?” Savannah as they flipped to the last page.

“Only a few days. You actually fill out the adoption form at the office.”

Melanie gathered all the papers together. “Some of this is vouchers for spay, neuter, and rabies vaccines. Oh and one for a microchip.”

“What happens while all this is being processed?” Jacob asked.

“They go to the vet where they get their first round of booster and deworming shots. They also get tags and a collar.”

Savannah and Jacob finished signing the paperwork then handed it back to Melanie as she got to her feet. “When’s the best time to bring her by? The earliest I can is Wednesday around…” she paused as she pulled out an overstuffed day planner. “I really need to go digital.” She laughed. “I’m just all thumbs with that sort of thing.”

“I know what you mean.” Jacob nodded. “Half the time I can’t even work the waffle maker.”

Savannah started to laugh as she patted his back.

“It’s okay, honey. We all have issues with waffle makers. They can be tricky.”

Jacob shot daggers at her with his eyes.

“Are you making fun of me?”

She shook her head, her brown eyes round in shock.

“Of course not baby. Why would I do that?”

His mouth formed that perfect pout she loved and suddenly all was forgiven.

“Because you’re you.” He insisted as she wrapped her arms around him and he ducked out of her reach.

Melanie smiled as she watched the two of them for a second before she turned in the direction of the driveway. “Oh…” she said turning back around when she was halfway to her car. “There’s a slight issue with you not having a fenced in area but as long as you block a piece of your property off it should be fine.”

Jacob nodded with a wave.

“By the time you come back that will be done.”

Melanie nodded with a smile as she removed her sunglasses from atop her head then put them on as she walked the rest of the way to her SUV.

Savannah woke up to the sound of her phone ringing early that Wednesday morning. With a groan, her hand felt around for it on the nightstand where it was charging.

Who the hell was calling this early?

Wait what time was it?

In a panic, Savannah shot up out of bed and grabbed the alarm clock, relieved to see that it was only a quarter after nine and that she’d hadn’t slept through her alarm. It didn’t really matter anyway since she didn’t have to be in until one and she was usually up way before that.

The knocking at the door became louder as she stumbled down the steps. Having to deal with another human before her bowl of cereal or cup of hot chocolate was never on her top ten list of things to do first thing in the morning and never had been. Add in a splitting headache and she didn’t want to deal with anyone at the moment.

“This better be life or death…” she grumbled before she unlocked the door then pulled it open.

Standing on the porch holding the tiny golden retriever she had seen only days before was Melanie and today she was dressed in yet another colorful ensemble.

“Good morning!” she chirped as she stepped inside holding the dog and a few other items. “The vet gave her these toys since she didn’t have any.” She explained as she sat the puppy down and the dog began to sniff her surroundings. “The vet said the little fur ball was the healthiest dog she had ever seen.”

Savannah grinned down at the animal, which was now pawing at the toe of one of her socks.

“Well, we definitely plan to keep her that way.” Savannah said as she rolled the dog onto her back and started rubbing her stomach with her foot gently. “Sorry Jacob isn’t up. He likes to get as much sleep as he can, the lazy bum.”

Melanie shook her head and waved Savannah off.

“Can’t say I blame him. I would be the same way if I had his job.”

“I think all doctors are like that.” Savannah laughed. “Even some nurses. I know I am. I hate getting up early which probably makes you wonder why I do what I do.”

“I just thought you liked to help people.” Melanie shrugged with a smile as a quiet growl made both of them look down. “What are you doing little puppy?” she laughed as the dog grabbed at a corner of Savannah’s sock and pulled, growling playfully.

“I have no idea but her teeth feel like tiny needles.” Savannah winced as she tried to carefully shake the dog loose.

Melanie smiled as she crouched down to run her nails over the dog’s fur slowly.

“My sister breeds golden retrievers. They’re really good dogs. I’ve been around them all my life.”

“I love dogs and dolphins.” Savannah said then paused. “Well, all animals actually. Except reptiles and bugs.”

Melanie laughed then glanced at her phone.

“I better get back before they send a search party after me.” She joked and Savannah opened the door.

“Thanks for bringing Carolina. She will have a good home with us I promise.”

“I know.” Melanie smiled before she turned and made her way down the flight of stairs that led to their gravel covered driveway.

Savannah glanced down at the puppy who was now chewing on her toy and she smiled as she leaned down to pick the little dog up. Huge brown eyes stared up at her as a pink bubble gum colored tongue darted and swept across her cheek.

She laughed and rubbed her fur before she carried the dog to the kitchen to get her some food and water.

By the time Jacob appeared she had taken Carolina to the area that was fenced off near one of the balconies so the dog could run around safely.

“When did the puppy get here?” he asked from the opening of the French doors that led into the kitchen, when he stood leaning against the frame drinking his coffee.

Savannah jumped slightly, his voice scaring her.

“Why do you always do that to me?” she gasped as he walked over to one of the rose patterned cushioned deck chairs and plopped down. “Do you like knowing that my heart jumps up in my throat?”

He laughed and rolled his eyes as he brought the mug to his lips, his taste buds savoring the rich, warm, dark liquid.

“Because it’s fun.” he grinned and leaned back, squinting against the bright harsh sun that beat down on them. “I like seeing how fast I can make your cute little cheeks turn from their tan color to a bright shade of red.”

Savannah gawked at him as her mouth fell open; it was official; her husband was a terrible person. “I’m kidding.” he smiled and leaned in closer to give her a kiss.

She wasn’t sure if she was ready to forgive him so she commanded Carolina Cassidy to attack him and she leaped towards his sweat pants covered leg, grabbing the bottom and tugging playfully as she growled.

Jacob glanced over at Savannah as she tried not to laugh. “How long did it take you to teach her that?”

That was all it took for Savannah to explode with laughter.

“I didn’t I promise. That was all God.”

“I wonder what…”

“He was showing us what a great sense of humor He has.” Savannah grinned as their eyes met across the table before they jumped up and chased each other through the house.

“I’ll show you a sense of humor!” he threatened and she squealed with laughter as she ran past him, Carolina Cassidy barking gleefully as she followed.

Jacob’s long legs and athletic build proved to be too much for her as he corned her in the hallway a few minutes later and she literally crashed directly into him. They stood there, clinging to each other and laughing so hard their lungs hurt.

“That was fun!’ she gasped as his soft mouth pressed against hers with just the right amount of aggression to let her know what he wanted.

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