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Tommy and Kellie at a funeral for a friend. Honorable Mention in Sisco's contest!
"Why do you think they wouldn't open the coffin?"

"I dunno...you'd think they'd want everyone to see her."

"I heard mom and dad saying that something bad happened...that a bad man did something to her."

"Yeah, me too. They said the man should fry for what he did. What's that mean?"

"She was gone for a long time. I thought she'd come back, telling us all about her adventures."

"There sure are a lot of flowers and people crying, don't you think? Everyone sure must have loved Kaelie. I kinda miss her."

"I'll bet we could get a peek inside the coffin while the grown-ups aren't looking."

"Don't you think if they wanted us to see her, they'd open it themselves?"

"Well...what's wrong with her, anyway? I mean, Kaelie was really pretty. Why would they want to hide her like that?"

"It must have something to do with what that man did to her. Must have been something awful."

"Well...if a bad man ever came after me, I'd pound him! I wonder why she went with him, anyway?"

"Maybe he made her...maybe he took her when her mom and dad weren't looking."

"She played down by that creek behind her house a lot. I used to wish I could come too...but she wouldn't let me. She said it was for 'secret friends' only. Do you think that old man was her secret friend?"

"No...Kaelie wouldn't be friends with an ugly old man. I heard he was really dirty too...smelled bad. I'll bet Kaelie has a really pretty dress on. I wish I could see it."

"I told ya I could open it while no one's lookin'!"

"Pipe down...you want mom and dad over here?"

"Speakin' of moms and dads...hers are really cryin' a lot. Hey Kelly...do you think mom and dad would cry that much if I died?"

"Of course they would, silly! All moms and dads cry when their kids die!"

"I don't know why kids have to die, anyway. Only old people should die."

"Nobody should die...don't say that. Gramma and Grampa are old...would you want them to die?"

"No...I just don't get it why kids should die."

"Mom says some things only God knows why."

"I still wish I knew what that word means. 'Mo-le-sta-tum'...no, that's not it."

"Molestation. I've heard some kids at school talking about it. They said it's when you get touched...in a bad way."

"Ohhhhh...in that way. Why would an old man want to touch Kaelie like that...she's just a kid!"

"Was just a kid...shes gone now. We'll never get to play tag with her anymore. Why's God got to take all the good people? Why didn't he take the bad man instead?"

"Don't cry...let's go talk to Kaelie. I'll bet even in that big old metal box thing she can still hear us."

"Yeah...let's go say 'goodbye.'"

Word count: 479

~*~ April ~*~
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