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Short poem about a kiss.
The Sun sets on my horizon.
A sweet, moist warmth meets my lips.

-heat like the kind that lasts long into the night when the moon is high in the sky and the birds have all been nestled.

And after a moment, the sun rises again and I'm met with her majesty and her beauty apexed.

She smiles...
and the corners of her mouth strech from the Milky Way to the Andromeda!

The most beautiful thing to behold is here - sharing my gaze.

She is love incarnate...

With a light about her so immense it pierces my heart and warms my soul....

And much like the transition from winter to spring, or the evolution from night to day-
We cherish the night.
On the timeline of infinity, night is so brief that it could hardly even be considered a blink in the eyes of the gods.
To us however, this feels like all time had been stopped and nothing had or does or will ever exist.
Only the moment.
Only the night exists.

When our eyes shut and my forhead tenderly meets hers in the center of that space between us.

We cherish the night, for when the Sun comes up again in the morning we can witness the spring of life that took effect whilst our eyes rested.

I then understand further how beautiful the Sun is in her light.

She's a light that never falters.

Illuminating my world sublimely with each coming of the dawn at daybreak
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