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Rated: E · Fiction · Psychology · #2030069
O Mr. Clock, can I sleep now?
"Tick! Tick! Tick!"

The only sound you can hear now is just the clock ticking,

No sight, as the light cannot touch you, you know that the thing that ticking called clock, yet, you never have guessed how it shaped.

The only thing your sense can tell you is the warmth of the floor, yet you will never know whether you have the ceiling or it just the sky above you.

The clock will rang four times during a cycle,  a cycle not a day, as you never know the day and night exist, to help you, the clock rang differently for each four phases.

You never remember a face, yet you have a glimpse of memory that told you that when the clock rang loudest, you have to sleep until the next time it rang.

For you, a single soul trapped by the confinement of space and senses, sleep is the only thing entertain you,  even though you never knew the difference between closed eyes and the opened one, for you, it just a matter of lifting and closing eyelids .

In sleep, you can meet someone else who called you a human, as light particles reach your eyes, and there are sounds other than the old clock, you have these sensations that you never able to grasp while your awake.

Such world, yet it fade away slowly as the second rang awoke you, and by the time you have to sleep again, it has completely vanish from your memory.

You often talk to the clock, you ask whether it was lonely whenever you gone to sleep, but the clock always answer you in tick, not with words, so you never knew how it felt.

And there is one question, you will never ask, but I know it is exist, "Do you live in reality and dreaming in your sleep, or do you live in dream, and awoken in your sleep?" oh, and one more, "Did you really sleep, or is it your world that went to sleep, or probably, am I?"

character count (without spaces): 1402
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2030069-The-Blind-Clock