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by Erin
Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #2030088
Hey !! You can wait till you read the story . . . . .
It`s 7 a.m and I can smell the sweet sweet aroma of breakfast fill the room . It`s my birthday so it is bound to be something super special. I put on my clothes and rush downstairs . I get downstairs and there is all kinds of food , bacon,eggs,hash-browns,pancakes,everything i love for breakfast ! Any ways now it is 1 O`clock and my party guest start arriving. When they arrive we all went out for pizza and ice cream. After we came home , we played games the I opened all my presents . From my friends I got nail polish, hair brush , notebooks, pens and craft paper. Mom and Dad gave me a really cool Art set. Grandma gave me $100 !! Can you believe it !!! $100 just from Grandma. Then Aunt Carrie is going to take me to the Fair tonight !! I am so excited. So Aunt Carrie picked me up at 5 pm. She took me out for dinner at Big Juicy Pub & Grill ! I got a big burger with salty french fries ! It was delicious ! After we finished our food we went and walked through the fair . We got to a big food booth. I asked if i could buy some cotton candy with my OWN money !! Aunt Carrie said yes !! I was so excited . As i went to pull it out of my purse a big happy clown ran up to me , he said hi and asked if i was having a fun time at the fair before i could answer grabbed my purse and RAN !! I was furious I ran all through the fair screaming at him and chasing him with Aunt Carrie not far behind me !!!! I kept running and running till we came to the road . The clown hopped in front of a car which slammed on it's brakes and the clown ran straight for the woods. Which was when we lost him. I ran up to Aunt Carrie bawling my eyes out !! She told me it would be okay and that I don't need to worry . We went home and called the police. They showed up about 20 minutes later. We gave them our statement and left .Te very next day the police came back and they said they caught the Jerk who stole my money . They returned my purse with my $100 i it . Then Aunt Carrie told me she would take me to the Fair again next week. I told her NO WAY !! I am not losing my stuff again !! Aunt Carrie said i needn't worry because she will pay for everything and that i do not even need my purse.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2030088-The-Day-I-Lost-100