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When life is unfair, it is hard not to feel like you can't win.
Call me out and
make me shout,
until I tell you"Quit it!"

I know there is a right way,
but I just can't get it.

I can't understand,
can't comprehend,
why it is that you target me,
when all I want is for you to leave me alone.
Get off your throne.

You're smothering me,
taking away my freedom until I can't even breath,
without feeling like I've done somthing wrong,
always having me feel like I just can't belong.

I seem to always be crying,
if not on the outside,
then on the inside.
But my feelings don't seem to matter,
they are just pushed aside.
By moral etiquette do you not abide?

I should have known,
yeah you're cold and hard to the bone,
because it's cool,
but you don't know me...
or what I deal with at home.

Always alone,
doing somthing wrong,
never ever feeling like you belong,
feeling like something some hillbilly just 'spat' out.
It's these kinds of words and actions they just can't live without saying and doing.

I can't take this anymore.
It's like I can't get back up again without being kicked to the floor.
I can't even pretend I could make it if I wanted to,
Iv'e already tried all I could do...


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