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How To Create Digital Products
Since we're all in the information business, let's talk about digital products only.
They have many advantages:
They can be created fast.
Expenses are very low, if any.
They can be delivered electronically.
No storage, no handling, no shipping.
Receive payment first, then deliver.
Basically there are three ways to create your own digital products:
1) Outsourcing.
Just go over to one of these sites like elance or rentacoder and post a project to create a product.
This solution will save you the 'daunting' work of research and writing, but you'll have to make very clear what you exactly want and you have to check the results thoroughly. You wouldn't be the first victim of copy fraud!

2) Buy Private Label Rights (PLR) Products.
Basically what you're doing here is buy a ready-to-go product that you are allowed to change and even, depending on the conditions, put your name under it.
Like resell right products, you have to be careful with this, so that you don't buy any 'old and worn' products or those that are sold by everybody.
This can be a great option though. I've bought many of these that I improved and sold successfully.

3) Create your own products.
Just think about the things YOU know that would be interesting to others.
Create an outline or even a bullet list. Anyone can type on a PC using a word-processor! Leave it alone for a while and then pick it up again to improve it and put the dots on the i's.
Then convert it into a pdf file (also called adobe product) and voila... you have a product.
So, when you buy PLR products, most of the work is already done. You just have to personalize and edit the product and add your own content to it.
You're skipping a few steps, so this is a very fast way to make great products really fast.

But creating your own products doesn't have to take much more of your time!
Take my resource file for instance (if you haven't done so, download it, there are tons of great resources in there!).

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