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Rated: 18+ · Monologue · Biographical · #2030201
captain of the air-ship Leviathan
I guess its my turn at the microphone, ok then let’s do this, shall we? I am Captain Jonathan Dell, I am captain of His majesties steamship Leviathan, the newest ship in his majesties airship fleet. I am a proud graduate of the Air-naval academy at west point new York. I was top of my class and had the best score on the steamship challenge, which, for those of you who don’t know, is the mother of all contests for officers at the academy. I still hold the record for that contest and its been roughly a long time ago, no I wont give you any dates, as that would give away info which I am not willing to reveal about me.
“chicken,” A male voice called out from back stage.
Not afraid, just being smart, as the last guy said, there is a lot of people backstage, and I'm not sure what I saw what I think I saw. I had to fight my way to this microphone mainly because no one else is making any moves out here. Someone had to.
Right now, I believe, according to what was said earlier, I am in only one story, and yes it is a steampunk story, as the captain of the Leviathan, which promptly gets stolen by a master pirate.
“Aye,” another voice calls out,” it was. It was fun though.”
I have no love for the pirates, as I do what I do because of a loyalty to my country, not to the Emperor Barrack. Although he is the head of the Imperial government of America, he is a tool, or at least he shows himself to be. It also appears that the Fleet admiral Bomdiggidty also has a plan for the ship getting stolen, but decided not to tell me.
“Since when do I have to,” He calls out,” I am an admiral, after all.”
Which is true, however, if you logically think about it, the conclusion you come to is that you will betray me and court-martial me for it. Wont you? That throat clearing cough and the mumbling under your breath tells me a lot about you intentions.
My parents, Mary and Jonathan, never wanted me to go into the military service, much less the air-ship brigade. They fought me tooth and nail on the thought alone. Dad was an accountant in a counting house, and mom was a seamstress. They were blue collar workers all their lives and never really had the opportunities I made for myself to be successful in life.
I wasn’t always as brash as I am now. I used to be very naïve, and innocent. But if it wasn’t for the bully, George Watson, I would have never changed my life. Although, I don’t like fighting, sometimes I have to, and George found that out the hard way, and the very act of me beating the shit out of him in high school, and then hooking up with his girlfriend the week after that to change me.
Ah! Julianne, now that name brings back memories. She was a firecracker, both in and out of the bed. Her bright red hair, pale skin, and extremely well endowed body made her the most memorable woman I have ever known.
“Hey excuse me!” a woman called out.
It’s not you, she isn’t here. She passed away about ten years ago; I really did care and love her. I never told her that though.
“She may not be here,” The voice continued,” But I am her daughter! And I don’t want to hear about her that way.”
My dear, then don’t listen. Oh, it appears that my time on this microphone is done. I will turn it over to someone else and make my way back and grab a drink.
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