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How easy it is to take love for granite.
The night sky was blacker than could explained with dim dimples of stars sprinkled about randomly. The air so still even a painting would have more movement. It was truly a night at peace with it's self which seem to intensify the longing inside poor Jill.
Jill sat on an over sized tree stump. Her ginger hair pulled loosely back into a pony tail revealing the snow white skin of her neck and bare arms. Her pale yellow spring dress had shoulder straps that wore 3 finger wide with very settle ruffles on the edges, the full length skirt flowed all the way to her ankles, with a gathered type in sown makeshift belt. She looked like a breath taking women enjoying a peaceful spring evening.
On the inside she was hollow and flooding with lonely sorrow. It was yet another night for witch she would sit and wait to see the lights of her husbands car coming up the road and watch as it turned into the drive before hers as he tending to his mother's wants before even acknowledging hers.
She set her laptop on over her knees and opened it. The harsh light of the screen sent the peaceful night environment hiding in the shadows of the background. She went over the lists of things she had planned to bring up to Bruce, her husband all week, but as of yet had not been able to. She told herself over and over tonight she was staying awake and was going to get this out in the open.
She silently read to herself the whole list, added a few things that come up today and revised a couple already on the list. Satisfied that is was all there she went into her notes where she was tracking the nights sense she had decided to talk to him.
In the begin it was a matter of making him aware, but as she read over the week long log of missed nights it had become more of a need to clear the air.
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