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details the beginning of the dark age and the man who brought light back into the world.
There was an age when darkness filled the world. A darkness so black that it blotted out the sun; light could not overcome. Men could not escape it and the animals where overpowered by it, becoming monsters that had long been forgotten. This darkness lasted 100 years, where the blood red moon controlled both day and night, in which time the world turned sour. The crops that the land produced where poisonous and the creatures birthed where fowl, men turned in dark ways and the world was almost without hope.

What souls survived to continue the race of men where of strong stock. Wielding both strength and will, these men fought to control the evil they found themselves in, to cut the infected from the pure. This they did with the sword along with the powers of Magic, which was the two edged sword. For each life spared one is taken; when the darkness is severed, light is taken. So is the law of magic. This war of light and darkness continued throughout the century of darkness, light never overruling the darkness.

Until one day a child was born in the lands of Esterhope who gave men courage and power and brought with him the rays of the forgotten sun.

All men have beginnings, some fall into myth and others into legend, the beginning of Alabaster was just a myth that people continued to recall many years after his passing. His father was the very sun itself and his mother, Dawn was of modest upbringing, pure in everyway. On the eve of the new year as the moon took its place overhead it lost its red glow and basked the lands in twilight. At that moment Dawn felt a surge of energy course through her, taking rest in her navel. With the words ringing out " He shall be called Alabaster, the redeemer of light." The woman didn't know what to make of this occurrence and put it from her mind until she started showing signs of being with child. Dawn was the scorn of the town, being without husband and being with child, no one came to her ad. There was one person that came to her side, an elder of the town, well versed in lore and magic, who saw the lady for what she truly was, the vessel of light. The elder took the young lady into his home and fed her and gave her words of encouragement that only old men posses. There in his home she stayed, each day becoming more round bellied as the child grew to ripeness.

" What will you name this child you carry?", the elder asked.

" I am to name him Alabaster, the redeemer of light.", replied Dawn.

" Alabaster, you say? If my memory doesn't fail me, there is a prophecy that came from the age of reason that speaks of a savor of men, who comes with the sun on his shoulders, mothered by morning light. That's you young Dawn, the morning light. This man will bring light back into the world once more.", This the elder said with joy stretched across his face and tears in his eyes. The two danced merrily together, knowing that what would soon take place would bring the lands out of the grasp of darkness.

Across the lands, in the Mountains of Dusk , ruled the sorcerer Obsidian. His powers were fierce and great. His mountain overlooked the lands of Gloom which was inhabited by the spawn of darkness, the darklings. The darklings where once men, but given over to their evil ways grew twisted and deformed. Men of light called them terrors, for they had become terrors to rule the night. And to rule over them all was Obsidian.

Under the glow of the red moon Obsidian looked out over the darken lands of Gloom, taking pride at what his eyes fell upon. As he cast his glare on the shadowed lands the red lifted, revealing a cold gray landscape. Shock and wonder went through the sorcerers mind. He knew every well what the sign meant. He beckoned a darkling servant towards him, " Look at this abomination, the days of light are gaining hold once more. I must see to it that it never does. Take a legion and shout out the lands, find a woman that is without husband and is with child and bring her to me. I must cut this savior and bringer of light from the world. Make haste." Just as quickly as it came the land was clouded in the red glow once more.
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