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It started as a normal day until I saw the vultures.

Word count: 667

Hello Kitty Oreos

This morning started out your typical day in Mulvane, Kansas with the hot sun already in full view of a perfect blue sky. The first job of the day as always is to take care of the horses. Stevie the old guy which is going blind and so skinny because his teeth are wearing down, I have to feed him a special diet of special food recommended by the vet where, I put it in a bucket and add water. He seems to like it, to me it does not look very appealing at all. Star who is the female horse is good natured and loves it when you bring her apples. The third one is Bull Horn with bollocks ten times the size he is an attitude that will make most people run the other way.

After taking care of the horse’s needs, looking in the distance, it looks like three or four vultures flying high up in the air circling around their area then flying downward fast. There is nothing weird about some vultures snacking on road kill except it feels different for some reason which means I am going to investigate. Leaving the horses and walking to the end of my property, from, a distance I can see a group of vultures on the ground and when I look up there is still one circling in the air acting as a lookout for the group.

As I get closer to the group no one moves to leave, except they look at me with their beady eyes as if subliminally saying back off we were here first. I attempt to get closer and I see the edge of a plastic bag, with a couple more step closer I can see the vultures are chowing down on Hello Kitty Oreos. One of the vultures walks towards me with his fighting dance in place before me and I say, “It is ok. I am just curious about what you guys were doing down here. You can have all your Hello Kitty Oreos. Do you even know what Hello Kitty is?”

The vulture just looks at me with his black and white head, cocked to the side and hisses to communicate he is pissed at me intruding on their snack. This is the first time I have seen vultures eating Oreos, I am in awe of the situation. I hear a call coming from the look out and look above me to see some hawks coming to join the party.

One hawk dive bombed the vultures to get at the Hello Kitty Oreos and ended up ripping the package completely open with the contents spilled all over the road. I thought such a waste of the chocolate cookie and creamy white crème in the middle, made want an Oreo so bad at this moment. The hawk is devouring the pieces of the goodies in complete content with the vultures circling the area. One of the vultures got brave and dive bombed the hawk back with not to good results. In the fight, the vulture lost an eye and had a cut on his face and the hawk was left with everything intact. After this episode the vultures flew away and left the Hello Kitty Ores to the hawk.

I was still in awe about the Hello Kitty Oreos because I wondered where you could buy them, I hadn’t seen them before. Although now that I am thinking about it, it is not so strange because there was a strange occurrence with bees and the factory that makes the M&M’s. They were eating the candy shells in the dumpster and their honey was produced the colour they ate, so there was blue, green, and red honey. If you are hungry enough it does not matter what is in front of you sometimes you will eat it. I walked back towards my property to finish tending to the horses, this was the most exciting thing that has happened all week.

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