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         Ethan Gooch 2015, A4

World War Z

In "World War Z" Max Brooks is portrayed as an agent of the United Nations Postwar Commission. He goes around the world interviewing different people about their experiences during the "Zombie War". While Max Brooks interviews people the reader learns how individuals and their governments react to the zombies. As much as I like the idea of an interview based book, there was one main problem that ruined the book for me.

         One thing most people look for in books is the emotion. It is hard to get attached or get "into" a book without it. "World War Z" is staged in a question and answer interview form. Having the book written in an interview form resulted in a lack of emotion from the characters. Therefore, since it lacked the emotional ties, it was extremely boring to read.

         But other than that issue, there were many things that made the book extremely enjoyable. One thing I liked was how Max Brooks described what different governments would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. For example, the country of Israel closed its borders and stayed virtually safe behind walls from the zombies. Another example was when the US government heard about the zombie infection spreading, they thought they could handle the threat. Instead, they ended up overestimating the infection and failed to keep the people safe.

         Overall, I thought the book was very intriguing. I enjoyed seeing how people and their governments reacted to the zombie apocalypse. The emotional sides of the interviews were not apparent. But, the reactions and effects on those who were interviewed helped the reader gain more insight on the event that was occurring. So, Max Brooks did a great job of showing the reality of a zombie apocalypse and its effects on people and their government around them.

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