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a comic idea, something I intend to draw out, but I need a script.
NARRATORIt is only 2017 and already its gone to shit,only two years since the earthbound found out about my secret,and now well best you see for yourself    223 is a heavy set gunner with pale grey eyes just like all his brothers, and his creator the 'original'.as 223 jumps into a fox hole three humans descended upon him with every thing had 3 ak-47's a Boeing m-1 1911 mini-gun and lots of c4.all in all A LOT of firepower  223:"JENKINS, BIXWELL, DAKOR,SHOW THESE CLOWNS HOW ITS DONE!"as his squad popped up, the 'ak47-ers' had run off,and the c4 was long since gone,only the minigunner was left Jenkins the team marksman picked him off shouting his usual battle cry of "NOPE!" and popped the HMGs gunner's head like a zit.right then at that moment was the beginning of the end, as an ICBM launched from the hidden silo they were sent to find and straight into the heart of the vessel EDEN PRIME and destroyed her cracking the ship's outer hull like an eggshell,223 heart broken fell to his knees and cried. 30100 lives just like that gone not one survivor as he later found out.Jenkins and Bixwell said to him things like its ok and other soothing sayings. knowing what came next they were now expendable and the orbital strike that came next ended that thought mid-sentence.at least they were right they were expendible.

two years earlier... the bell rang and its was time to go home, my job was done.I did my usual routine went home watched tv,on the computer
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