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Lennox and Ty were six when they were found in an abandoned house, how did they get there?
Lennox thought quickly as she lead Ty through the garage of the dusty abandoned house. "Here!" She whispered seeing a box in the back of the garage that was hidden behind a dusty empty shelf, Lennox carefully climbed in and pulled Ty in with her. She quickly pulled down the flaps enclosing them in the dark box with only a small stream of light pouring inside. Ty made soft sobs and Lennox hearing loud footsteps covered her best friends mouth with one hand and wiped her tears with the other, she then brought her hand to her mouth putting her pointer finger to her lips and said, "Shh!" Ty nodded and did as Lennox advised. The footsteps grew louder and then they could hear the thud of a door being opened. "Shh!" Lennox repeated in a whisper. Ty nodded, "Damn! I lost them, I don't even know where they went, I fell asleep and they were gone.... Yeah, I'm checking the garage now. Nothing so far. I know, I screwed up the whole thing! I know. I know. It's not over, I'm going to find the little trolls. They were so weak I don't even know how they got away. No, we can't just find other girls, they'll get us thrown in prison. I'm looking now, man I'll let you know when I find them. Bye."
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