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The prologue for my best writing piece so far. The queen of Icarus must escape the Apnat.
“Silence boys!” Acadia whispered to her two sons. She held her baby girl with an iron grip. “Where are we going?” demanded Atlantis, her oldest. He was only seven. “I’m taking you to the Mirror Temple” Acadia replied sadly. “Your sister will live to see the end of this war” she whispered hopefully, closing her eyes. Pounding echoed from far behind them. The family sprinted to the white walls of the Mirror Temple. Once inside of the huge, quiet room, she set her precious baby on the marble altar. “Oh goddesses of the stars please save my daughter from the world that is collapsing upon us. Bring my dear Annalise to the safety of your home,” she continued to pray for some time before light flowed in from the windows. When they looked outside, the world was black. A beautiful, glowing figure sat above Acadia’s child. “Amourie ka mordress Annalise vertae hynd xi jhame” the ancient dialect flowed from her mouth with ease. The seven stellas swirled around Annalise. Suddenly, the white light slammed through the giant mirror. Annalise was safe. The Celestial Mirror lay in shards around her feet. There was no going back now. Knights clad in dragon scales smashed through the stained glass and roughly snatched up her sons. “Let them go!” Acadia demanded. Underneath their fiertain-skull masks Acadia saw their torn flesh fold into grins and being exchanged between the men before one replied in a deep voice. “They will be disposed of, ancient blood flows through their veins”. She felt knights behind her. As her sons were pulled from the room she began to weep. Five-year-old Anrick mimicked his brother’s stone face. “Lay your head” a knight said fiercely. Onto the altar she lay.
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