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Short story about unique partners creating spectacular dance routine. Surprise clues.
"When was the last time we went out anywhere?" He thought as he waited for his special beloved life time partner to respond.
"I don't remember, but it's been a long time." She finally replied after much thought.

Time passed and they remained seated focused on the books they were reading. Then without any words or motions as if telepathically communicating, they began to very slowly move from their positions around each other as if they were figure skaters on the smoothest ice ever known. Like athletes who were top performers they seemed to float and move like oiled and exceedingly efficient machinery. Almost like robots who knew what each other was going to do instantaneously.

He watched Her with a glint of joy and pleasure in his eyes, and she focused on him with much expectation. Gradually they began to move faster and while focusing on each other as they closely interacted together, they made room so that they could begin to engage in more intricate and complex motions. The area had some debris which was interfering with their mobility in their dancing engagement.

"this is wonderful." they said at the same time. Each one was more joyful and fluent with subtle moves which propelled them into tight turns and break aways. Although they were doing well they knew this sequence needed much improvement and more intricate changes of pace and motion. They had to work out how to make this dance more unique so that it was just their dance. In order to be able to show each other how they felt for each other, they needed to watch each other very closely. Mimicking each other and creating different moves which became more difficult they felt the rush of adrenaline course through their bodies because of the fervent joy of being together sharing what they loved.

"The dance is awe inspiring. We could be the very best dancers in a dance contest if we worked on it." He was hopeful and paused momentarily. She didn't respond because she was concentrating on an idea for the dance routine.

"watch me." She waited to be certain he was fixed on and conscious of her every move. Going faster and faster she spun and then popped a wheelie still spinning. It was as if she was figure skating. He decided to move about her and then as she slowed down and seemed to be falling over backwards, he caught her. Amazingly without specific directions, they created a dance which most wouldn't attempt.

"I have another idea, he squeaked with joy!"
She out of breath, remained silent anticipating a marvelous maneuver which would rocket them to stardom. "With something which would allow me to flip, I could do this and then catch you after you finish your spin with the wheelie." He stopped moving and gently grasped her about the waist. She relaxed into the embrace. "well, it's risky, yet I believe with the help of Heavenly Father, you can execute this idea magnificently." "Lets go for it!" they agreed together.

Later that week they practiced their dance moves with great affection and respect for each others abilities. When the time came to show what they could do in the exhibition, they were flawless and moved as if flying on the breeze and flowing through the clouds.

The audience squeaked and twitched their tails with awe and excitement. They had not seen anyone do this kind of amazing and intricate dance much less partners who were mobility disabled. Always seated and yet able to move almost like everyone else; these dancers were absolutely going to win acclaim. As long as the cats don't catch them they should have long careers displaying handicapped dancing.

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