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Keeping it real?

    "I'll consider giving you a raise after a 30 day review.
      I want to see how you handle your new responsibilities at Fox News."
      The grey man stated.
      Aaron Carter had a frozen smile as she signed the contract.
      Rupert Murdock was sixty years older than her and a man of great
      power and influence in the media.
      "It is my pleasure to serve this great news organization." Aaron said
      and lit a red votive candle in the grey man's office.
      He chuckled as she let her white reignments drop to the floor.
      Aaron stood naked in the center of the office; a perfect unblemished

      Kimberly Guilfoyle had sponsored her application and stood behind
      Aaron in a red cowel with a small branding iron.
      She quickly branded the left cheek of Aaron's buttock with Murdock's
      initials: RM.
      Aaron clenched her teeth and recited the Fox News anthem ~

                            "I will be fair and balanced."

    Her one piece short red skirt and lycra nylons with pumps were passed to her
    by Kimberly along with a lace push up bra.
    "I am the 365th descendent of Merlin's bastard son Murdock.
      I bestow upon you my wisdom and wealth." the grey Magnus decreed
    his arcane magic.
    "The fallen Angel's did take wives and giants walked the Earth.
      The Creator flooded the Earth to purge their seed.
      But, the Angels could not die.
      Their wisdom lives on in me." Murdock raised his frail body from his oak chair.
      A radiant halo surrounded him and he was young again.

                          "The final purification will be by fire."

    Murdock's voice echoed as he let his cloak off and made passionate love
    to Aaron and Kimberly .. "We are fair and balanced." the two Fox Ladies

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