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Crom and Bronus go to look for Bronus' wife and son a midst a merciless foe.
  The man looked up, wiped his face and blinked then spoke in a raised tone. “Of a truth you can?”

  “I was once friends with a mage named Euricle when I followed an order in a stronghold deep in the heart of the forest called Ithia. He taught me a little in the mystic arts. I am also immortal from a magical oath I took hundreds of years ago. Also I can ascertain the place of person by mentally linking with the essence of the forest. If they remain in the Bronze Forest, I might be able to find them.”

  “What is your name?”

  “Crom,” said the monk.

  “My name is Bronus,” he said as he gestured to himself and took a bow.

  A magic user, only evil can come from a sorcerer. Yet he seems so harmless and good. If it means finding my wife and child I must believe him. Bronus reasoned in his mind.       

    “Now, if you will, please help me.”

  Crom sat on a log, folded his hands in a praying position and bowed his head then closed his eyes. He mumbled a few words and then fell silent. Moments later his eyes snapped open. “I’m getting closer.”

  Crom scanned the forest sweeping his gaze in all directions

  “Both of them are not far from us. They are east of us,” he said pointing in the direction.

    Bronus’ face lit up with anxious exhilaration and relief as he jerked around and leapt onto his steed. He beckoned with his hand and prompted Crom to make haste and join him on the saddle.

  Bronus spoke with an urgent voice. “Let’s leave and not delay lest they stray from the forest. I hope we will not be confronted by any raiders and get captured or worse.”

  “Very well, but let me first tend to the child.” Crom extended a hand to the boy who ran to grab it. “I want you to stay in my hut and no matter what happens, stay within its door, do you understand?”

  “I do.”

  Crom walked to Bronus who helped him up onto the horse.

  “Hold on,” said Bronus.

  He flicked the reins; the horse whinnied, bucked up on its hind legs and galloped off. As they rustled through twigs and branches, Bronus called out to Crom.

“Beware, there is a chance that raiders may have infiltrated this part of the forest,” said Bronus.

“I will fair alright. I am adequately versed in magic, particularly ice magic.” Crom assured.

Bronus pulled his head back and glanced at Crom in curiosity. “Ice magic you say? So being mystically connected to the forest is not your only talent? That is comforting.”   

  “Yes, but it was not meant to do harm,” said Crom.

  “I was wandering something, if you’re immortal, why do you stay in the forest? If I were you I’d explore the outer lands it. You would not have to worry about being in peril.” 

  “My longevity only continues as long as I am inside the Bronze Forest and as long as it thrives. That was the price for eternal life.”

  There was a short silence as Crom wondered something himself.

  Oh, the thought of doing hurt pains me deeply. When the time comes will I be ready? I was intending to use my magic as a weapon for the child but even then I doubt I would have harmed anyone. ” the monk thought.   

    He held his companion’s shoulder and moved his mouth to Bronus’ ear. “We are getting close to them. It won’t be long now.”

  Bronus sighed in apprehension but he  so that he was able to take some pleasure in the ride and the beautiful scenery.  The glow of the trees and the sound of birds. What of all of it is lost to those fiends?  Bronus thought.

  Then he felt his face contort and a bubble of anger welled up in his throat.

    All those savages will pay with their lives! I’ll kill every last one of them!    Bronus raged in his mind.   

  “They’re about fifty yards ahead,” the monk yelled.

    When they had reached the point, Bronus halted the horse. After 15 minutes they did not see anyone.

  “I don’t see them. We should be right with them,” said Bronus.

  “One moment,” said Crom as he closed his eyes.

  Bronus observed the monk with his eyes closed. Then Crom turned his head slowly from the right to left. He opened them and carefully dismounted. Inching towards a steep slope, Crom called out at a large boulder at the decline.

  “You can come out. Your husband Bronus is here.”

    In jubilation of really being with his wife and son, the man teared up and yelled out.

  “Gyness, Simon are you there?”

  Behind the boulder the sound of crumbling rocks and breaking twigs was heard as a lovely woman and a bewildered child hanging on his mother’s arm came from the other side of the boulder.

 Part 3  (13+)
Crom is confronted with an old friend who has conformed to evil.
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