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Crom tries to save Euricle from the control of the evil Stone of Raffa.
  Euricle glared at him with intense hatred and gnashed his teeth. Without a word he pulled out the onyx jewel hung around his neck concealed under his cloak and tossed it to Crom.

  “It does not matter. I have pillaged and burned most of the villages. With so many lives lost and places destroyed, your victory will seem as bitter as defeat.” sneered Euricle.

  “You know what will remedy this predicament.” Said Crom calmly.

  “Yes, and I refuse!”

  “I sense a shred of good in you Euricle.”

  “Good, evil; these are meaningless notions. Power is all there is!”

  “Do you remember the joy and peace there was in Ithia? You were so happy then. Dwell on those feelings.”

    Euricle’s vicious face softened and he looked down. Then he shook his head quickly. “Stop that! I know what you’re trying to do!”

  “I sense the good trying to escape. Grab that goodness Euricle!” exclaimed Crom.

    Euricle frowned with tears. “But my power, my glory! The stone gives me so much!”

“More than true peace and joy? Look at what you’ve done! I know you’re better than this! The stone has incited corruption in you.”

  Euricle moaned. “Ohh…I don’t have anywhere to go. What will I do?” he said deliriously.

  “Perform the ceremony,” offered Crom.

  “Never…I…Ah!” Euricle yelled as he grasped his head and shook it violently.

  Crom cupped the suffering mage’s temples and urged him to look in his eyes. “Look at me! Remember!”

  Euricle cried out like a splinter in his mind was slowly being taken out. “Ah!...my magic!”

His body trembled until he collapsed to his knees in silence. He breathed heavily for several minutes before talking and yielding to Crom. “I shall do the ceremony.”

Crom waved his hand and the icicles shattered. Then he neared Euricle and helped him up. Crom raised his palms and the converted foe did the same.  A pillar if light appeared between them. Then, the illumination shot up like a beacon and domed the entire forest. The bright enclosure grew in intensity until a magnificent flash erupted. And with the burst of light, the dome was gone.   

  “We are in the past now. It’s your move,” said Crom.

  “When my consciousness overtakes the mind of the Euricle from this time, I will not only restrict my men from any of my atrocities, but I will bless the forest with gifts. Although part of the Stone of Raffa  lingers, I can see the light. Farewell.”

  After Euricle spoke those words, he clapped his hands. Then his body began to shimmer with light beginning with his feet until it rose past his waist, his chest and finally his head. He waved it to Crom and then his shining form dissipated and flew away. It was like bright leaves being blown off a tree. It occurred until he was gone.

  Crom’s bright jovial expression returned to him. Next, he held the Stone of Raffa in his hands and concentrated. The stone resonated with a sound like a crystal goblet being stroked. A frost enveloped it until it began to vibrate. Then it shattered into pieces that were dispersed in all directions.

  I’m glad for the time spell, yet it looks like I’ll never see Euricle again until he comes to bestow his gifts upon the villages. Now I’m off to Barail to meet my would–be friend Bronus. He thought.

  I wonder if Bronus’ son would be interested in being my apprentice. There is something about the lad. Bronus pondered.                 

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