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by Dragyn
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Mom bakes muffins and one goes missing,
The smell of chocolate muffins wafts upstairs, and I can hear Lilly asking Mom when we're allowed to touch those delicious creations.

"Twenty minutes." I hear her wind the timer and walk away. Lilly's footsteps pass my door, and once her door closes, mine opens and I slip out and down into the kitchen. It takes about a minute and a half to swipe a muffin and get back to my room. Softly closing the door, I lean back in my computer chair and savor the gooey chocolate goodness. Finishing the muffin, I neatly fold the paper into quarters- the way Lilly does, and count down. 3, 2, 1...

"Lilly!" Mom screams, and Lilly runs down. I slip into Lilly's room and place the folded muffin paper somewhere out of sight on her desk.

From here, I can hear Lilly talking back. "You can't prove anything!" She sounds so defensive as I quickly close my door to prevent suspicion.

Mom marches Lilly up, as I predict, and they search her room. I can imagine Lilly going bug-eyed. "How'd that get in here?!" I listen through the wall.

"Obviously, you came down and nabbed it after I set the timer. And don't even try to blame your brother for this."

Lilly harrumphs in defeat. "Fine. I did it. I won't try to blame Jack even though this has his name written all over it." her voice sounds bitter and resentful. "What's my punishment now?"

"For lying? You're grounded for a week. For taking the muffin? No more muffins for you from this batch."

I return to my computer chair, lean back and grin. "Mission accomplished."
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