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An independent descriptive piece of writing aimed at the image of a car above the clouds


Trapped, isolated, captivated -there was no freedom to venture anywhere else. Being a prisoner whom is shackled to the ground. Cars that were bound by their bonds. Heaviness. The only word that could describe this. Mortality. 1

The smooth, shiny surface glistened like a new ruby as the impala's metallic components glistened from the sun's rays. Re-birth. Adaptation. Alive. Purring, the impala's engine purred rhythmically with the humming of buzzing bees. Firstly, a new found freedom. Secondly, defying the laws of gravity; soaring as high as the clouds.2

Clouds would never be seen in the same way again. They were gobbled greedily by the impala's pearly white grill. Beating down heavily, the sun was hot; but not too hot to touch. The vehicle was a feather in the breeze. 3

Was this reality?4

Laughing joyfully as it admired the view from below, everything and everyone looked miniature. The impala inhaled. It gasped. It smiled. A salty sea breeze invaded its passage. The sugary taste of a vanilla ice-cream skipped along its leather interior (as many had been spilt on it in the past). Mouthwatering memories.5

The leather seats were soft and plush... rather unusual. The framework was rigid and robust, yet at the same time warm and welcoming. Bright and glorious, the impala's savior like headlights guided and steered the body of the motor to a better life.6

The silver lining of the clouds proved the impala's theory. Hope. Hope was possible! The development was a dream. Land creatures crawling and pacing on the crust of Earth had become air-borne majestic monarchs. 7

The metallic red impala was bathing in all of its glory and sighing contently at the sound of seagulls cawing from all directions. Instantly a deflating feeling overcame the car. It returned to a two dimensional image printed onto a white fabric.8

The hot air balloon was returning to the ground. 9

1 Flashback (2015, motor cars were grounded

2 Impala (American car) air-borne, brief description

3 Personification

4 Rhetorical question

5 Thoughts, emotions

6 Glorifying the impala

7 Development, past (2015) to future

8 Twist

9 Reality

This was an independent descriptive piece of writing aimed at the image of a car above the clouds. It has been marked and verified as an 'A grade' piece of writing. This included language devices such as metaphors, alliteration, similes and personification. A GCSE plan structure was used in order to present this format.

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