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Their are 2 different people Colsen David and Mystery man one's a c
The word deceiving isn't a common word but is one of the strongest words in the dictionary for witch you only feel the power of the word when it is directed upon you. You may wonder how do I know so much on this word well its because I see many people feel the pain and depression of being deceived, manipulated and fooled. For they call me the imposter the best in the business I guess I just never thought I'd be the one in the hot seat this time...

"Colsen get off the computer it's Saturday a great day to throw around a ball" yelled my dad he was one of those dad's that believed every boy lived to play sports sometimes I just wanted to scream news flash it's the 21st century not a non stop baseball match. I ignored him like always he'd probably give up in no time and go ask my brother Tito plus I was already captivated in a online game of call of duty and his guy needed to cover C23@cookzume124. He loved technology and computers dearly ever since his mom got him his first computer at 7, he was hooked like a fish during monsoon season. That was probably the reason why he fell into a hole when his mother died when he was only 10 it was like being punched in the gut by a pro wrestler or being shot with a bullet straight to the heart puncturing his body like a million knives at once. That was the moment he locked himself from the whole world and escaped to the comfort of his computer it was also the moment he decided that he hated the universe and his father. The universe because of its cruel and unfair ways while he hated his father for remarrying and moving on to quickly as if their mother never existed. "Hi Colsen" squeaked my little sister Amelia she was only 8 and was very close to me. I guess I just always had a soft spot for Amelia since I was her older brother and liked teaching her things as if she was my little minion and I was the high dictator. "What's up" I replied taking off my head piece while then pausing my game "I need help with my math homework I asked Katelyn but she said she was going to Zumba class and dad took Tito to the gym to shoot hoops" Amelia asked her sweet voice at a pitch that birds would sing to. "Um yeah sure but Brad just e-mailed me" I responded "Brad again you know it's unsafe to chat with people on the internet that you don't know" Amelia argued. It was in fact that Brad was a code name I used for a hacker online that started sending me small bugs to fix with the occasional viruses and the sometimes pleasing hacking into certain fake identities computers plus the ongoing battle to stop bots that were sent out to websites. He actually started e-mailing me on my website Hacker Magician.com and gave me things to do bettering the cloud well the wi-fi cloud anyway. "Amelia it's totally safe I didn't give him any private information on myself or give him any data bases that could give him access to any of my personal files" I said back confidently "Whatever but with a website called Hacker Magician.com your bound to attract crazed computer hacking geniuses" Amelia continued I ignored her one of my best qualities and logged onto the site, clicked the chat bar and loaded brad's username. I opened his message and read
Dear, Hacking Magician I've been sending you new account problems over the pass few months you've achieved them very impressively look you may think I am a fat guy who lives in his mother's basement in his late 30's and you have every right to cause for all I know that person could just be you. Although that isn't the reason I am e-mailing you the reason being is the fact that their is something extremely massive going on with the Link Sausage Rush Gourmet gR0v3. I can't get into detail with you if you decide to deny my offer the fact being I have been searching for over 4 yrs for a hacker with your certain mind boggling experience and talent this mission is a very serious matter that you should look into. You have 24 hrs to respond to this e-mail if not this message will immediately disappear from all technoligal devices. If you agree your life will change forever and your life our lives will be in danger but if you deny all lives will be in danger. Please think on this because either way your life will be in danger due to contact with me. If agreeing please respond to zach45@rhu66.com


My mouth fell silent and my brain erupted in confusion with the continuous impact of Amelia's elbow nudging me in the chest desperately trying to read the e-mail, obviously catching onto my shocked behavior. "Woah that's weird like I said this is a creep magnet and what the heck does a gourmet sausage rush have to do with your life on the line, what are the vegetarians fighting back" Amelia joked sarcastically. "Actually no smarty pants link sausage rush gourmet gR0v3 is hacker code for the federal government when speaking of classified information since they always are on our backs and code is a major source in hacking skills" I explained as if
I was a a spokesperson promoting my new therapeutic novel. "That makes some sense but how does link sausage have anything to do with the government" Amelia questioned her face scrunched up like a crumpled piece of paper. "Well each hacker has a unique way of transferring the code to avoid repetition but that specific style is the simplest for all government translations Link is shortened for Lincoln one of our founding fathers, Sausage means age of America, Rush translates to the famous Mount Rushmore landmark and Gourmet a.k.a gR0v3 represents the government" I finished off. "Oh I guess that makes sense but still you'd think they would use a bit more logic and creativity in hacker codes I mean seriously a 2nd grader could figure it out" Amelia argued, "Well you didn't and your in 3rd grade last time I checked, you saying your not smart enough to figure out such a simple code" I replied a grin on my face. "Whatever Colsen have fun e-mailing your creepy sausage loving nerd friend" Amelia spoke back annoyed stomping out of my room a trail of bubble gum princess fairy perfume left in her path. I focused back in on the e-mail and started thinking even though Amelia was mostly clueless when it came to my computer and me she was right about Brad being all weird springing a totally crazy "mission" on me I mean it was totally wacky. So I did what any sensible person would do I closed the e-mail, ignored it and continued my Call of Duty game. After 4 straight hours of online gaming and science notebooks, Katelyn very rudely barged into my room her golden blonde hair tied tightly back into a ponytail, with her work-out clothes stuck to her slim figure as if it was glued to her. "Hey Colsen how's um how's stuff" Katelyn asked awkwardly. Barely looking up I forced a grunt of a reply "Stuff is stuff I guess" righting down the answer to #5 how the human mind responds to different senses? "So Colsen I just finished Zumba class and I know you feel a little sensitive towards me ever since I married your dad but I really think I have something that'll interest you" Katelyn replied "Yeah I know what you mean I guess" I spoke back extremely bored of the conversation. "Well I know your into all that robotics and computer stuff so I got you tickets to the Rectagon Formal Bots Convention" Katelyn started excitedly "Really that's cool but I'm not into Formal Bots but into Urban Conventional Bots crafting, thanks for the gesture Katelyn really but there is a huge difference" I said back sympathetically then flipped into my anatomy textbook. "Oh I'm sorry Colsen I had no idea there was such a difference" Katelyn continued a genuine sadness seeping into her voice. "Yeah sorry Katelyn I didn't mean for you to waste your money on me like that" I tried to reply. "No I'd be honored to buy things for you your just as much my child as for Tito, Amelia and Cameron"Katelyn urged "Thanks Katelyn you know for trying to make an effort but I really have to work on my English report so um yea" I responded trying to end the conversation. "Oh of course Colsen sorry for intruding I better shower anyways I was working up a sweat in class, well have fun with english and reports" Katelyn ended turning around and zooming straight out the door her bronze tan stinging my eyes. I immediately shut the door and stared at my wall my favorite scenery in the world, where a meadow overhead was painted over my ceiling wall a perfect picture painted from my mom. With inches of posters, robotics stickers, website tags and warped blue paint covering the rest of the masterpiece. Sometimes I hated my life I mean yes most of the time my computer screen and video game consoles contained me with the occasional science homework, 300 page books and robot inventions. But other than that I was the total outcast in the family with pitch perfect 14 yr old Tito all round A student and perfect scoring basketball star of the high school varsity team as my brother. Plus my beautiful sister Amelia a natural social butterfly with amazing dancing talent with competitions every weekend and friends texting her every 5 seconds at only 8yrs old. Even my youngest half-brother Cameron fit in more than I did and he was only 3 with already showing talent of a perfect soccer player. But hey that was my life the Hacking Magician now I'm here, Now I'm not!

"Hey, man dad wanted me to tell you food's ready" Tito bellowed the fragrance of his axe burning my nose hairs. "Oh uh yeah I don't know if I'm gonna eat Tito" I replied groggily sitting up on my bed my clothes all wrinkled and blankets stuffed in between my legs. "Why dad is making his famous jumbo chili bowls we need all 6 mouths in on the course" Tito urged "I don't know not really in the eating mood" I tried again wanting to desperately fall back asleep. "Dude what's up with you I mean lately you've been way more social lockdown" Tito asked stepping into my bedroom and sitting on my bean bag. I swear I really needed to learn how to lock my doors what did it say on my door free walk through don't forget to be super annoying while your at it! "Uh nothing Tito, nothings wrong just go back to your jumbo chili bowls and lame sports conversations with dad okay" I shot back my irritation levels rising. "Look Cols your my brother I care about you dude and so what I play a sport don't discriminate me on that do I discriminate you and your computer stuff no I don't I just want to be a good brother" Tito argued the tension in the room settling. "Sorry okay it's just maybe I have been a little upset
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