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I got the shot of hope I needed from my mailbox.
I got such a wonderful surprise in the mail today I just had to share.

I check my mail box expect mail for my husband (everything is in his name), and find a PO package p/u slip in my name! How exciting, someone in the family must have sent me something that wouldn't fit in the mailbox.

Which, lets face it could be anything. Those boxes are small and not very deep.

I wait until my son get home from school and we drive into town to retrieve the package. Both figuring it had to be from family neither of us are all that excited to open it.

Don't get me wrong, it is nice to get things. However, no birthdays or holidays are coming up so its not like getting a present. Most likely some study done on how we are slowly killing our selves due to my smoking, both of our overweight, or some other thing that we already know about. Not all but some family members that have lived sheltered lives and not had to deal with weight problems, addictions or even raising their own children tend to send this garbage in the name of "caring enough to want us healthy".

Anyways; We get in the car and my son notices it from some publishing place, Morris Publishing.

Talk about excitement. I don't which was worse me or my son. He starts going on about how cool it is going to be to a book report on a book that his mother wrote and what great gifts it will make. Just on and on. Meanwhile, I am fighting with the stupid glue they put on those post office mailers. After 10 minutes of fighting with this thin binder size mailer I barely have enough to get my finger in it and it is not going any further. My son get frustrated with me taking so long grabs it out of my hand, uses his key and swish the side of the mailer is open.

Out flies these 2 books and some papers.

No, it wasn't one of my books.

It was a self-publishing kit complete with step by step instructions and a pricing guide to publish & promote my book. They had sent a copy of a children book to give an example of what the finish product could be like.

I tell you it was just what I needed. Feeling overwhelmed with this not happening and proof, I am giving a shot of hope.

I don't know if it was one of the many free promotional things I entered or an outside reference that made this happen. Which ever way it happened, I now have a Morris Publishing self-publishing kit.

All I have to do now is finish one of my books, order how I want it to look and presto; I will have a professional looking book to sale to the masses.

I am excited to make this happen.
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