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Growing up in an outlaw family brings its own unique heartaches. Part 2 of Blood Red.
That sun was blood red and goin' down

That sun was blood red and goin' down

Bob watched Cole drag his daughter out of the house, his only child. His heart ripped and bloodied he eased into the chair beside him, his head in his hands as the tears ran in torrential torrents down his face. He had long since gotten over the notion of loving Marie, his wife, Robin's mother. His heartache came now from the helplessness he felt, this shame at letting her do this to him, letting her make him weak. He slammed his palm on the table cursing himself for ever meeting the woman. The only good thing, the only beauty that came from the whole relationship was Robin, and now he'd failed her completely.

"Bob, I think you should see about gettin' a divorce..." Cole appeared before him, minus his daughter.

His eyes widened as they lifted to his older brother, shaking his head, divorce was unheard of, was unaccepted. "I can't, Cole...."

"You sure the hell can, Bob Younger.....She ran off again and left you, her husband and her child......That's grounds.. "Cole paced back in forth beside him like a caged wild cat.

"I can't, what about Robin? Think of the things people would say..." Bob countered; his only concern was for the dark eyed, sable haired girl; his daughter.

"Damn, Bob, what're they sayin' now? You think they don't talk about her having a daddy and an uncles that are outlaws. And don't kid yourself Brother, we may be settled down now, but we'll always be outlaws." He planted his hands on the table and his eyes narrowed on his brother.

Bob stood now, and walked over to the cabinet near the black iron stove and grabbed a bottle of homemade corn grain whiskey. "I can't do nothin about that, Cole..." He uncorked the bottled and took a long draw, coughing wildly as he pulled the glass away from his lips. "But I can do something about this..."

There had been only one other time that he'd seen Bob like this, seen that wild dangerous gleam, and that was the day he thought he had turned Jessie and Frank in years before. Those earthy brown eyes echoed his intention and for the first time there was concern for his brother. Maybe he had pushed him to far, pushed him to do something that couldn't be undone. "Bob, don't do anything that's gonna get you in trouble. Divorce her and be done with it." Cole commanded, as head of the family he expected to be heard to be heeded.

"Okay, Cole.." came Bob's listless voice as he turned up the stairs, dismissing the other Younger.

Cole exhaled deeply and turned, casting one last glance over his shoulder at his retreating brother.” Bob, come on over to the house." He called, trying to draw the other man out of the odd mood he'd sank into.

"No, I'll be fine, Coleman." He said, topping the stairs and turning into the room he had shared with Marie.


Bob fastened the gun belt around his waist, removing first one revolver and spinning the cylinder and then the other. He took the stairs with seldom found purpose and strode towards the barn. His eyes turned up to the dusk sky for a moment of contemplation. The sun was sinking into an orange sky, ominous sky, and red streaked fingers shot out from the horizon almost like staining blood.

"Easy boy," He patted his horse's neck soothing the big roan as he entered the stall. It was obvious the animal had picked up on the wild pitch and roll of emotions inside him, adding to the tension inside the spirited animal.

Leaning down he picked up his saddled and tossed it onto the animal's back and in moments was leading the horse from the barn. His mind set on one purpose, one conclusion, and this whole sorted mess would finally be over. He and Robin could get on with their lives, could finally be happy, and that was the thought that kept his mind set.


"Jenny?" Bill stormed into the house, his voice thick with concern.

"Yes?" The rounded, honey haired woman waddled in from the kitchen, clutching her swollen stomach. She came to an abrupt halt at the look on her husband's face. "Billy, what is it?"

"Where's Robin? She's not outside, not with the kids." He asked, moving towards the set of narrow stairs.

"She's not in here. I would have heard her come in." She called up after him as he checked room after room.

"DAMNIT!" He hissed, taking the steps down to her two at a time. Running a hand through thick black hair he looked to his wife.

Jenny's face showed sudden surprised. Bill was a Christian man and his own wife had seldom heard him curse, but he had now and Jennifer Younger Cook knew something must be very wrong. "She's got to be around...."

"No, she doesn't..." He huffed, striding back towards the front door. "She's gone after Bob."

"Oh Lord....Bill..." She rushed out onto the porch watching her husband ride out of the yard, knowing he was going for Cole. She was struck with the sudden feeling of an inevitable twist of fate, feeling this would be a day that none of them would escaped unaffected

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