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Mega monolithically massive mom matriarch mashes miniature microscopic mite!
"Camera check … it’s a go. Power’s on? Yup."

"Mic check, check, one-two …"

"Okay, is it recording? Am I getting a feed?"

Talking to yourself was always bit of an odd thing, but Ethan had to do it since he was a one-man camera crew, going over his equipment to make sure it was all in tip top condition. A strap on camera-mount was situated around his forehead, making his hands free. A microphone was wrapped around his collar, giving off audible feedback from his movements. A set of wires ran through his clothes and his body to power his equipment, but it was all necessary.

Ethan was in the business of making porn. More specifically, size fetish porn of the giantess variety. He had his own site that got plenty of hits per day and raked in the cash with purchases of his videos, and he was barely out of high school. His stuff was of an entirely different caliber however, and he knew it. No bad acting actresses pretending to stomp cardboard in basements or shoddy green screen effects. Nah, he had the real deal.

He had stumbled upon it entirely by accident. After doing a tour of a college campus he had been looking into, Ethan had wandered from the main group to a more obscure side of the school. The college excelled in scientific studies and technology, and even had one of the most highest-rated laboratories in the country for its output of data and the prestigious professors running it. Wandering into it was easy enough, given it seemed it was the weekend and there were no classes. Funny that there was hardly any security or clearance as well.

Inside the lab, he found it. A small, palm-sized device with multiple sliders on the face of it, two buttons, and an antenna for pointing and aiming. Just sitting there on a table, unguarded with various circuitry boards and tools around it. He picked it up more out of bored curiosity than anything else, accidentally setting it off and growing a nearby screwdriver to the size of a tree branch. Staring at it agape, Ethan quickly left with the size-changing spoils in tow.

At first he believed there would be great repercussions for this, expecting somebody like an administrator from the college to come down and talk to him or even some government agent about to take him away for stealing highly delicate and top secret research, for the first couple of weeks at least. But no. It was as if what he had taken didn’t exist at all, and it was his to use freely.

It was kept on his person at all times, and under lock and key in a drawer when he slept. This thing was precious, amazing, and redefining. So what did he do with it? Nothing so spectacular as changing the world. Instead, used it to make porn.

He had been browsing through websites one day, mostly those of the variety he looked at in an incognito window and even afterwards made sure to erase his history, and had stumbled on a particular one relating to giantesses and the such. He scoffed, thinking how lame most of them were. Then the idea struck, his hand reaching into his pocket and pulling out the device. Already did Ethan have the equipment just lying around from previous attempts to do some film stuff, and he had plenty of know-how of video editing and programming to make sure he could get a site up and make some coin.

So from there on out, he had been in the gts business. Who were the subject matter of his videos you ask? Well, he couldn’t outright ask somebody or reveal his big secret of stealing one of the highest pieces of technology ever and using it for such smutty will, so they were mostly ‘unwillingly unaware’ as he filmed. The star actresses, his mother and his sister. He thought it strange at first, but the tuition wasn’t going to pay itself, so Ethan figured there was no better way. Besides, he wasn’t doing anything wrong, mostly, which he tried to justify in his head. He was working hard, and he wasn’t turned on, for the most part, by what he was doing. Just doing what had to be done to make bank.

His sister, Gloria, was older than him by a year. She seemed to go by the typical ‘teenage white girl’ standard to Ethan, but he was simply an asshole for thinking that, and he knew to tease her about it. She was tall and fairly lean with long and straight brown hair down past her shoulders. While what most of her was unremarkable, at least in Ethan’s eyes, he knew magnifying her a couple hundred times in the viewer’s eye oughta do it.

Preparations were made. Wearing a makeshift body armor composed of pillows, old hockey gear and duct tape, Ethan snuck into Gloria’s room and looked down at her favorite pair of flip-flops sitting on the floor, noting the worn-in imprint of her foot in the bed of them. This was probably one of the dumbest things he had ever done, he figured, but hey, might as well give it a try. Given previous tests before hand, luckily the device would change size with him as long as he had it in contact with his body.

Turning it and aiming at himself, he fired, bathing his body in a light glow that quickly reduced him. In a matter of moments, he looked up and around Gloria’s room as if it were some kind of massive world all its own, The tread of his sister’s flip flop now like a wall, slightly higher than his own head. Grasping onto it, he noted the sponginess of the material. With a grunt and an “Uumph!” He scrambled up onto it, pulling himself up just as the ground had begun to quake and vibrate with seismic activity.

"Mom! I’m heading out with the girls! Be back in a hour!" A voice that sounded so familiar echoed, but so much more louder than it should have been. A massive form that looked just like Gloria stamped towards him, Ethan scrambling to position himself where the strap of the flip flop would meet in between her toes. He had gotten there and pressed himself flat just as she slipped the footwear on, her encroaching foot ominous and engulfing his entire self in foot stench and smothering toe flesh.

It costed him several bruises over his body and reeking of feet for a couple days, but the video from the whole affair made up for it, returning to his normal size a few hours later and uploading it. The next day he was shocked by the number in his bank account, taking a few moments to blink and soak it in. Ohh yeah. From there on out, it was smooth sailing.

To explain the sudden influx of money and why he had such nice new expensive things, Ethan had stretched the truth a bit and told his family that he had gotten a job to help pay for college. Really whenever he had gone off ‘to work’ it was either to record a new video or was just spent over at a friends house. It wasn’t technically lying, nor was it being plainly honest either.

Really all in all it was easy. Just shrink and film them from afar, no need for that up close and dangerous bullshit like he had done with his first video. It seemed like a good business plan at the beginning.

Now, a few months after he had been making videos, the well was running dry. Despite the popularity of his videos and their ‘stunning almost lifelike visuals’, his viewers seemed to be getting bored with him playing the safe card. The cash flow had decreased, as well as the number of visits to his site. Ethan had to think up something new, and had to post it fast. A risky thought entered his mind, and for some reason the risky thought became a good idea, and the good idea became action that he in no foreseeable future could ever regret.

The door creaked open. He waited, expecting to be busted the moment the sound shot through the air, sharper than anything he could imagine, only magnified by his fear and the adrenaline pumping through him as a panic reaction. Nothing stirred within the room aside from the soft breathing inside. Sighing in relief, Ethan entered slowly and closed the door behind him into his mother’s room.

Patrice was a good mother. Caring, kind, understanding and tending. However there was one notion about her Ethan had always disliked. He loved his mom and always thought her beautiful, but his friends always made comments, which would receive a threat of physical violence in return. ‘Hot Mom’ and ‘MILF’ were known to slip by, much to his chagrin. She was tall and fair with long brown hair, having aged quite gracefully. Her form was curvaceous, keeping all of the youthful allure she had when she was in her twenties.

Sweating under his makeshift body armor, Ethan tip-toed forward, blushing furiously. Laying down on her bed, Patrice was napping peacefully, seemingly unaware of her son’s presence in her room. She always took thirty minute to an hour naps every day, but warned her kids not to bother her. The more obvious reason why is because she liked to sleep in the nude, something both Ethan and Gloria accidentally found out at one point or another when walking in to wake her up.

Now she laid half covered by a blanket, laying down on her stomach with her side and legs exposed. Ethan gulped and slowly climbed up onto the bed, hoping his weight didn’t cause enough of a depression in the mattress for her to notice and wake up. Luckily she seemed to be in one of her heavy sleeper moods, so he was safe for now.

Going over his equipment one last time he took in a deep breath then exhaled slowly, finger on the button of the size device and triggering it, his body slowly shrinking with his breathing. Just like many times before the world around him began to escalate, the ceiling up rising higher and eventually becoming a sky, the bed and blanket around him becoming folding hills. However, he didn’t stop at his usual size. He was going further, not stopping until he was sure this would be the right size to earn him enough coin to have to do this shrinking shit for a long time.

His finger finally let up off of the device, placed back safely in his pocket as he gazed out wide-eyed to the new world around him. Everything was so…big! This was easily the smallest he had ever been, and the only way he could quite gauge his size was the sheer enormity of the massive environment. Hills of fabric that were simply scrunched up spots in the bed sheet now towered high above his head as the elevated peaks found in nature. Far-off distances seemed blurry, like in real life, the haze of length making the average furniture piece like some great monument. And the most sizable of all, almost gawkingly enormous, Ethan stared upwards at the simple wall of flesh of his mother’s exposed hip and thigh, rising above as some great peach-colored mountain far, far above his head, the peak of her round cheek so far above he couldn’t even make it out. He had no idea his own mother would be like a landmass in her own right by becoming this small.

A low, rumbling hum filled his ears, rising into a staccato before deflating into a slow, grumbly roar that evened out, repeating over and over in a peaceful rhythm of sorts. Ethan had quickly realized it was the colossus of his mother just breathing, something so simple he was astounded by. After just…taking it all in from his new perspective, the now fully miniaturized filmmaker made his way forward, careful not to slip or fall through some of the now visible spaces between the more worn out threads laced together.

Eventually he approached the wall of flesh, now closer up it appeared even bigger than ever before. He placed a hand against it, feeling the warmth emanate from the soft and supple skin. With a heft and grunt he latched on, noting that despite the smoothness there was still flaws in the surface he could make out, tiny markings and line that would be invisible to the naked eye at a normal sized height, but now more magnified than ever before to him now. Ethan shook his head, just wondering what he was getting himself into.

The plan was simple. Climb for fifteen minutes, and if he didn’t reach the top, regrow himself to a more safe size, get off the bed, and grow back to his normal height, then get this shit uploaded with a forced ending. Maybe some black screen with text saying ‘And the tiny explorer lived. The end.’ There, that would work.

Scaling the enormously vast side-cheek was just as adventurous and trek-worthy as any expedition to a real mountain. Hell, the higher he climbed the more the shrunken boy felt like he was getting into a higher atmosphere, finding himself short of breath. Though to be fair that was more likely due to wearing twenty pounds of gear instead of reduced oxygen.

Time seemed to act differently while climbing at this size. He was /sure/ the timer he had set on his watch would’ve gone off by now, but instead of focusing on that his mind had begun to wander. Just why was he doing this again? Sure, it was a nice way to make money, but over the course of months in doing all of this had he actually gotten attracted to the idea of being small? Did giant women actually turn him on? At the beginning, he would have said no, but now his answer sort of pandered to somewhere in the middle. It didn’t help that the subjects he was around the most were his flesh and blood, and certainly his case wasn’t improved that he stood at a minutely small height clinging to his mom’s rear end like it was some sheer mountain face. He tried to work it out of his head, and definitely tried to stop gripping the plush, yet somehow firm flesh beneath him.

"Okay, done with this." Ethan grumbled aloud to himself, face hot and red, almost sure there was steam rising from his ears. Steadying himself as he freed one hand to fiddle around his pocket to grab the device, the moment he pulled it out into the open a loud quake nearly sent him tumbling off.

"Mmm," Patrice’s voice thundered so loud Ethan was sure he had gone deaf, the blasting ring in his ears not dying down any time soon. "Smack my ass baby…" She moaned sensually, but still with the hint of sleepy stuporous drawl in her voice. Just great, she seemed to be dreaming of…rather inappropriate things, Ethan had concluded. Trying to work the device with one hand while clinging for dear life was challenging, especially among such quakes, but it was about to get harder.

The sky darkened overhead, and Ethan briefly glanced up before feeling the color drain from his face, eyes widening in fear. A massive palm, large enough to be a desert upon itself with pillars of miles thick and long fingers descended, nearly crushing Ethan as it slammed into its owner’s backside, the fat of the posterior jiggling with enough force for Ethan to lose his grip, falling a couple dozen feet before he managed to grasp on again, feeling his entire body jerk violently on the stop, grimacing at the sharp pain shooting through his arms. Through this pain, he briefly noticed that both his hands were empty and holding onto flesh, when one should have the device in it.

He looked down just to see it fall into crevice somewhere miles below in a line of a index finger.

"No…" Ethan gasped in shocked horror, voice barely above a whisper, watching the appendage pull away, heart sinking in his chest. He was stuck this way. For the first couple of seconds, he couldn’t believe it, mind blanking on what to actually do next without returning to normal size.

Ethan looked up once more, pausing just before scrambling away, barely being missed by a fingertip digging into the skin to scratch it, like the sound of a thousand saws grinding through wood at once. Multiple fingertips and nails miles wide apart missed him by just fractions, his tiny body pushed to its limits as he fell, clinged and climbed to keep from getting crushed. Breathing raspy, eyes popping, heart pumping to the point he could feel it pound against the inside of his chest. God, he was going to /die/ for a stupid fetish video that he wouldn’t even be able to upload now.

"Itchy…" Patrice grunted in her sleepy, scratching harder and at a more feverish rate. Wait, could she feel him? His heart momentarily fluttered with hope. Maybe if she saw him, it would help! Ethan doubled his efforts to get noticed, almost to the point of exhaustion in such a quick amount of time. Another slightly annoyed grunt from the massive mother signified it seemed to be working, and the rumble of her entire body shifting and rising indicated it as well.

"Ugh, what’s on me?" She asked herself in a sleepy voice, adjusting her hand at an angle so that it brushed whatever was on her off onto the bed. Ethan felt like he had been hit by a semitruck the size of Wisconsin, grunting and feeling the air whoosh out of him, almost like his entire torso was going to cave in on itself. He briefly blacked out from the pain, eyes fluttering open to find himself laying on his back, struggling to move. With a mighty, shuddering yell he forced himself to sit up, cringing from the sudden shockwave of pain coursing through every last inch of his body. What had saved him from the fall it seems was the natural cushioning of the soft environment of the bed and his body armor. Good job pillow that gets drooled on at night and hockey armor he hadn’t worn since he was twelve.

An earthquake unlike any he had felt before, the shifting sky of light and shadows overhead, and then the feeling of as if being judged by a grand deity. Ethan craned his neck back, allllll the way back, and stared up as much as he could, gazing heavenwards to the monolithic figure of Patrice, gulping and shuddering in a mixture of fear, pain, and confused sexual tension. Her stark, naked body seemed straight out of a handbook on beauty divine, escalated to a scale of biblical proportions, his eyes wandering but always just staring ‘up’. Of course ‘up’ was hard to see past after a certain point. The lower portion of her stomach, just past the waist, dimmed into a blur. If he squinted and pushed himself back a bit more, the gargantuan blockade of the underside of her breasts became the view.

"Ew…" Her voice rang out in disgust. "A bug! I can’t believe that thing was crawling on me…"

"What…?" Ethan stood up slowly, feeling his mood alternate between total panic and still confusion. "M-mom….it’s me! Ethan!" He shouted up as loudly as he possibly could, feeling his throat strain from the yelling, even jumping up and down and waving his arms, but that didn’t last too long once he felt the pain start to shoot again.

"Wow that thing is tiny…no idea how I even felt it." Her booming words, so vast they were almost heard in slow-motion upon reaching his ears, but still carrying the weight of his despair with them. She thought he was a bug, an insect, not her son.

"Well, bye-bye buggy." Another swipe from her hand and he was sent flying once more, so fast the world was nothing but a blur. The landing was…strangely serene, as if all feeling had left him. In reality the impact had left him numb and paralyzed.

"Better check on Ethan and Gloria, see what they want for dinner." Patrice mused aloud to herself, standing up from her bed and yawning with a stretch, giving Ethan one last view of her titanically towering frame right before her sky-filling fraction of a toe landed on him.
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