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A Pseudo Revelation of Religious Enthusiasm !
        "The difference between retail and restaurant work is you
        have more opportunities for advancement. I'm only twenty
        and have my own store. I accomplished this in a few short
        years. You can advance as well, if you work hard and smart."
        The young store manager knew he had an uphill battle for
        new hires, since Walmart raised its entry salary to $10.00.
        He could only offer $8.00.

        The few completed application read poorly in illegible handwriting.
        "Dope and dopier .." Leo mumbled as he shuffled through ..
        "Leo. We have a walk-in applicant .." Michel squawked and pointed
        the man . Leo gave a toothy smile and shook his hand.
        "Okay. We're happy you're considering a ... Leo paused ; Jesus?"
        The bearded man did resemble the Christ. Leo rubbed his forehead
        with a towel he had stuffed in his belt. He scribbled "wing nut" on
        the application.

        "We don't allow beards in the kitchen." Leo stated, "Unless, its
        an expression of your religious beliefs, then you'll wear a beard net."
        "My parents were very religious. My mother wore a vail ." Jesus said.
        Leo lowered his gaze at the application .. "Born in Bethlehem ?
        Ah, thank you for your application .. We'll call you " Leo smiled and
        stretched as he stood up from his chair. "I can work front counter and grill."
        Jesus said. Leo smiled back, "At the same time?"

        Jesus appeared behind the counter and in the grill at the same time, while
        he was seated in front of Leo. "Oh, my gawd!" Michel yelped and jumped
        back. "Do not be afraid .. I only wish to help you." Jesus stated calmly.
        "I need a break!" Michel shouted. "Me too!" Leo put the closed sign up
        on the front door. "Well, thank you again Jesus. Please have some free
        coffee. Were closed so we'd like you to leave." Leo's left eye was twitching.
        Jesus shook his head, "No one will hire me."

        He vanished in a flash of light. "We're going to Hell!" Michel sobbed.
        "No were not. Who wants Jesus in a restaurant ?" Leo wiped his face again.
        "Ah.. I'm going to talk to my Rabbi about this. Michel take the day off with pay
        the pizzas can wait.. Jesus." The little pizza shop was closed that Sunday.
        But, would open tomorrow with a Jesus' pizza on the menu.

        Reflections ~ Would you hire Jesus, if he had olive skin and
                              brown eyes and black hair and a beard?
                              Or, would you think he was a terrorist?
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