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Getting in touch with the spirit world.
Many years ago when I was in my thirties life had become so heavy and miserable that I was ready to pull the shades and do myself in. So it was a broiling, summer evening as I was complaining to my hubbie Dave, when all of a sudden his head dropped forward. And a voice, not like his own, said “Do you have any questions?

I kept staring at him wondering if we needed to call the doctor. And again he boomed, “Do you have any questions?”

I had all the questions in the universe somewhere in my mind but couldn’t think of a one. So on the off chance whoever this was might go away, I made one up. “Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing?”

“What would you like to do?” he asked. I was clueless.

Sensing this he continued. “My name is Girard and I have come from the spirit world to help you. We have heard your requests and would like to answer your questions. I will be back from time to time. As he was leaving he said, “Glory to God in the Highest.” And then he was gone. Dave woke up wondering why he had fallen asleep.

And so for all these years whenever I needed confirmation, explanations, or observations he came.

All the mysteries of what I was doing here, the purpose of life or why is there so much discontent on earth, were explained.

Then he said write a book. I said “I don’t want to write a book.” And he said “Well write one anyway. You agreed to this before you came back. You also have found answers and there are many who are still searching. Would you not want others to benefit from what you have learned so they won’t have to suffer?”

He had me there. My heart softened and I started to write. I thought I knew what was involved. What I hadn’t counted on were days filled with grueling self reflection and wrenching soul searching to find my buried feelings. And once there, delving into the painful moments trying to understand the meaning and lessons. This left me exhausted but like ashes floating upward from a roaring fire, I also felt a lightness of spirit having released all that energy I carefully had hidden. Little by little the sun broke through the darkness and I began to see what magnificent beings we truly are if we just have the courage to walk through the shadows and how very much we are loved by not only the angels but God as well.

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