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recovering bipolar woman, and PTSD, assault and battery. serious about getting well.
I have bipolar illness, and PTSD from many many traumas. I am serious about getting well though. If you've been through this stuff, are you serious about getting well too?? Like the Bible says, "Pick  up your mat and Walk." I want to spread the gospel to help myself and other people too. Jesus came for the sick, not the well-abe and healthy, although He loves all of us, unconditionally. Whether you want to believe in Jesus or not, is your decision. But He is well and alive on planet Earth as we speak, whether we want him to be or not (had an ex-boyfriend who was an unbeliever, so years of that was annoying a lot.), but we broke up, and now I am able to practice my faith finally, and write about it.

I had a lot of bad things happen to me, but the preacher Joel Osteen has helped me a lot, along with Joyce Meyer. If I was ever interviewed on television like the Oprah show, Super Soul Sunday show, which I want to be on someday, I'd say that Joyce Meyer got me through a lot of tough and lonely times. I am not so much "lonely' anymore. Yeah, sure, we can all get lonely, but writing helps me a lot. And making calls when I need to. You have to be careful of who you call. Call someone who will lift you up and believe in you. I depend on my mom a lot, but not sure if she believes in my writing as much anymore, but you can't have people not believing in your writing. Youuu have to believe in yourself. And that is what my mother told me once. So, I am just starting out seriously, not in a major creative way, no more short-stories for a while, just me and my life, I want to write about. Do you want to write about your life??

I am trying to help you, other people out there too. I tell you, workbooks in the self-help department at bookstores help a lot with the writing exercises they have in them, and you get to write about yourself, your life, and so much more. They teach you how to re-write your life story and such too, how to use senses, body, touch, hear, taste, smell, things I struggle with.

the drags of my cigarettes are getting me through this night, as I listen to classical music, Rchumann Radio on Pandora, who also had manic-depression, like I do. Abraham Lincoln had it, and he was the president of the United States. Lots of people had and have bipolar, a lot of population. you can get better, don't give up, and use joyce meyer and joel osteen to help you when you  can. you can get their apps on the computer too.

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