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A fiction to convey a fact.
Let X be today’s generation and Y be our elders.

There are many differences between X and Y and one of them is, X don’t believe in talks which are logically not true or possible.

X asked to Y, grand pa, why we burn Ravana on Dussehra? I read about him on internet that, he was a great ruler, a follower of Shiva, had knowledge of six Shastra and four Vedas, maestro of Veena and a great brahmin. The only mistake made by him was kidnapping of Sita.

This is why we burn him, said Y. It is a symbol of triumph over evil.

X- But he didn’t do anything wrong. He just took revenge of his sister’s affront, which I would also do if needed. Today people rape girls and burn them for dowry. Why don’t we burn them instead? I don’t believe in all these mythological stories. How one can believe of those fights in which their weapons had magical powers and they could disappear from here to there?

Y- Beta, you shouldn’t talk like this for God’s actions.

X- Have you seen those actions? Now don’t say that I have read and seen in Ramanand Sagar’s television show. You just have heard it from others, unaware of the fact that how much of it is true.

Y found himself mum and asked- So what do you want to say? Weren’t they god?

X- They were, but by their Karmas and not by such fictional stories. I can also write such stories for next age and can create some new Gods.

Y- Ohh, how?

X- Just read a fiction of me below and tell me what you think. Here we go…

Let Z be the next age (Yuga).

Archaeology department in Z age found many books which has same pictures as of the statues they found in excavation. On examining those books they found that the same thing had written in all of them. All the books were written about the greatness and right work about the picture character in the book. Finally they found a book, which was too heavy, too old and in detail, there was no cover page found of that till then. According to that book…

March 10, 1957, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,

A daemonic son born to Hamida, tenth wife of Mohammad bin Awad, a billionaire in Saudi Arabia. Awad got intuition of some evil signs by this child’s birth so he left his wife and son. Big eyes, four hands and a black sign on forehead. Osama bin Mohammad bin Awad bin Laden was the name given to him by Hamida. As dire his name as he was. While Hamida was afraid of all these signs and actions, Stanley Ann Dunham and her husband was celebrating birth of their first child on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Father of Kawaiaha church told, I knew it, he will come and has come now to annihilate the persecutor. Barack Obama is his name, said father.

X said- All other details you already know about both the characters. What I can do is, I can write more about Osama that he had supernatural powers to state his cruel personality and Barack Obama born as an incarnation of any of our Gods to kill the cruel Osama who feared the innocents.

After more discovery, archaeology department in Z age found cover page of the book named Benevolence of Obama, The Holy Book.

Y- But Osama bin laden didn’t have four hands and a black sign on his forehead?

X- But we have amazing Computer Graphics. By the way, Arvind Trivedi also didn’t have ten heads and supernatural powers.

Y- Arvind Trivedi???????

X- The face which comes to your mind whenever we talk about Ravana. He is an Indian actor who portrayed Ravana’s role in television series Ramayan. I mentioned his name here because you only believe in that tv series.We can create many movies with great graphics and can write a big volume of the story so that people definitely would believe on it.

Y- Might be possible. But what’s your point by all these?

X- O my religious grand pa, you forgot what I said. The only mistake made by him was kidnapping of Sita, which was revenge of his sister’s insult. People today are more demonic than Ravana but we hear or read about them in newspapers and ignore them, because we are so habitual of reading 10-15 daily news on rape, eve teasing, molestation, dowry, harassment and many more crimes. It’s very normal for us to read that, two young girls in a rural village were gang-raped then hanged on a tree. Who did? Nobody knows. But everybody is familiar with old demonic characters. We don’t care of today’s problems but do care of old villains and their evil actions. If we think seriously then we can celebrate Dussehra daily, because so many Ravanas kidnap or rape someone somewhere in our country everyday.

Y thought for a while and said-

How smart and intelligent is your generation boy. You killed two birds with one stone.

First, you opened my eyes. We should recognize the real devils or criminals and should do care of today’s problems.

Second, your idea was great. We can give new Gods to next age by writing some new scripture of heroes of our age.

X- Ha ha ha, you got it. Time to sleep. Good night dada ji.

Y- Jai Shree Krishna beta.

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