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Captured by the Ogre, Katelia is visited by a spirit.
This is Chapter II of Dark Legacy.

Here is Chapter I of the story!

 Dark Legacy Chapter I  [13+]
In order to save her daughter from the clutches of a demon, a young dhampir must fight.
by Supersonic-NaNo 2021 Contender

Chapter II
The Half Demon’s Lament

“Damn ogre!” yelled the teenage girl as she slammed her fist into a wall. “How dare he take me to this forsaken place that even the gods forgot about!” Strands of her silver hair fell over her shoulder as she kept hitting the wall, creating a small hole. “If I ever get free, I intend to make this ogre pay for what he has done.” Looking around her cell, she glanced at the bones and decayed bodies that surrounded her. “I won’t die here. Not like this.” Gripping the cell door, she began to pull on it. “Damn it!” yelled the teenage girl in frustration as her head sank. “If only I had my spell book.”

“Such a strange child.”

An uneasy feeling overtook her as she looked for the source of the voice. Turning, she focused on the glowing form of a middle-aged man. “A ghost?” she asked under her breath as she picked up a skull off the ground. Throwing it, she saw it pass through the figure. “Well, it’s not solid, that’s for sure.”

“And an aggressive one as well. It seems my hunch was right.” He studied her carefully. “You’re not a pure-breed, are you?”

She nodded. “My father was a demon lord, my mother is half-vampire, and my grandmother was a pure-blooded human, but she was a magi.”

“That explains why you can see me so easily.” the spirit replied. “What is your name?”

“Katelia,” she replied as she crossed her arms. “I suppose you had a name at some point, before your death?” Katelia leaned against the wall of her cell. “Why don’t you tell me who you are.”

“Strange…” He reached his hand out. “You have no fear of me. It appears, you don’t even have any fear of the ogre that managed to take you captive.”

“I have no reason to fear anything.” She sat down on the rocky floor of her cell. “At least, that’s what I’ve been taught my entire life. I and my mother have been forced to move from village to village, hiding from the humans who would kill us if they found out what we were. I’ve seen the dark nature of humans, the fear that can lead to them openly hating someone like myself.” She ran her fingers through her hair. “I just don’t know what to think anymore.” Her eyes focused on the spirit again. “Who are you? It would appear you never bothered to answer my question.”

“It would depend on what you want to hear. Perhaps I could say that I was a paladin who wielded a holy sword against the creatures of darkness. Or, perhaps I was an unrepentant thief that also murdered and raped with little regard for who I harmed. Maybe I was a prince or general in my past life?” He saw the confused look that crossed Kateria’s face. “My point is, who I am, or rather, who I was has no meaning now. The man that I lived as is buried in the ground, my mortal flesh rotting away as we speak. All I am now child is a spirit that refuses to leave this world.”

Katelia glared at him.

“Does my answer bother you?” he asked.

“Yes.” She replied bluntly. “I’m not one for riddles or cryptic responses. Especially from a spirit who decided to show himself without even telling me who he is.”

The spirit laughed at her. “A spirit, shade or ghost, whatever term you wish to use will never have a name. A name is something you give to a living being, something parents choose to give their children as their first act of love. As I said before, I am not alive. I only exist in the corporal world due to being unable to pass on to the after life. My soul, simply cannot ascend.”

“What draws you here?” Katelia looked down at the bones on the ground. “Were you killed by the ogre? Your armor looks like the kind the knights that of the church wear.”

“Perhaps…” He looked down at his armor. “Or maybe I murdered a knight and stole his armor. At this point in time, I can’t let you know who I am.” He grasped the hilt of the sword that was sheathed on his side. Drawing it, he held it in front of himself. “This blade in life was a powerful weapon, bathed in holy energy. But now, it no longer exists in this world. Or rather, the blade was bound to my soul which meant my life was tied to it.”

“So, you were a knight!”

“As I said before, perhaps. I could have also murdered a knight and had a sorceress bind the blade to myself. Or maybe I was a knight that left or betrayed the order. Such information is not important right now. As for what draws me here, it appears to be you child.”

“Me?” a confused look crossed her face. “I’m not a person of noble blood, my blood is not even pure.” She lowered her head. “I am of no interest to you.”

The man shook his head. “The fates have decided otherwise.” He floated towards her. “They see great things in your mother and you. More importantly, they have decided that you will not die here.” He pointed his sword at the seal on her neck. “This seal binds the power that allows you to use your magic. I shall restore that power to you.” Slashing the seal, he saw it vanish from her body.

“My power…” Kateria felt energy surge through her body. Lifting her right hand, she saw the white aura that surrounded her hand. “You restored my power!” She heard the cell door open. “Why are you helping me?” she questioned.

“Because the fates have decided that you and your mother are to live. They see great things from both of you, at least for the moment.” He sheathed his sword. “There is no point in persisting with questions that I won’t answer.”

“That’s not good enough for me. Just telling me the fates want to keep my mother and me alive is not an answer that I want to hear. I don’t believe in fate, and I lost faith in the gods long ago.”

Looking up, the spirit closed his eyes. “The gods are our creators child, and the fates are those chosen to control the threads of ever living mortal in this world. Even for someone as powerful as you or mother, you are still bound by their will. Even your grandfather, the previous King of the Vampires could not escape their will.”

“Nor could my father.” Said Katerlia, bitterness lacing her voice. “I was a small child when he was dragged away by humans, bloody and beaten. The only thing that saved us was the arrival of a vampire lord.” She lowered her head, taking a deep breath. “I don’t understand why I am even talking to the spirit of a dead man. Where is my mother? You seemed to act like you knew where she is.”

“She is currently fighting the ogre that captured you. “

“My mother is here?”

“Yes, although it appears she will lose her battle with the ogre. She’s quite powerful, but this ogre had killed many vampires, even ones as powerful as lords. A half-breed has no chance to win.” He held out his right arm. “I will give you back your power child.” A book appeared in his hand.

Katerlia grabbed the book. “It’s a wind tome.” She opened the book. “I don’t believe in fate, but I am grateful for your aid.” She walked toward the open cell door. “Thank you.”

“No need to thank me, child. The fates have simply decided that I aid you. Just remember one thing, the ogre is only the beginning. The war, will come very soon.”

“War?” Stopping, she turned to look at him. “What wa-?” Freezing, her eyes scanned around the room. “He vanished.” Looking down at the tome, she collected her thoughts Was he real? And what did he mean by a war?


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