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Inspired by a beautiful hike as love returned to my life.
Be truthful with me always,
and I will share my magic with you
Be honorable and valiant, and I will leave a trail of our laughter scattered behind us like wild
flowers leading us home, if ever we lose our way

Go with me where the grasses bend and we may become like the earth
Be lazy in my arms and let these mountains speak
their ancient tongue so we know ourselves better

Pine needles will be our bed,
and the tales we write in dirt will be sonnets among the
the of bark and blue birds

I will slip my hands into the waters of your past,
and you will remove the shell protecting this poet’s heart

I will lend you my serenity if ever you are anxious
And keep no secret behind these lips
sharing all that I have learned,
listening with eagerness to your travelers’ song

This love is the greatest work I can claim
This ache within me that knows you are the only solace I will find in this life

Be with me

Romance we can find in the swimming hole
See that youth is our gift!
No pennies must leave pockets

My precious love,
what could mean more than our promises
heard only by the fish and the streams?

I swear by my own heart to live by this truth!
Dream of me always,
And I will lay down beside you, forever.
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